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The Current Our Country Public Affairs Of County Government

Posted on:2012-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Which includes the executive government affairs all involved, including public affairs, public service, public interest groups, information unit or the public. The implementation of government affairs is the practice of "Three Represents", adhere to serve the public and governing for the people, strengthening the Party's governance capability of the specific embodiment; is to uphold and develop the socialist democracy and building socialist political civilization, building society Harmonious Society by Marxism; is to implement the basic strategy of rule of law, promoting administration according to law and building the rule of law an important measure the Government; is to establish a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption, the formation behavior and operational harmony and is fair, transparent, honest and efficient administrative management system The important content. This paper attempts to study the many documents as well as on the basis of the number of visits, study the current administrative affairs of the status of county government, is committed to identify problems, find out the reasons put forward measures to further promote our county government's administrative affairs, so that government Public to play its due role.Article is divided into a total of five parts:The first part is the introduction, this paper describes the background, significance, development status and articles of domestic and foreign innovation; second part is about the implementation of our government the need for openness in government affairs, promote open government affairs is conducive to improve the socialist democratic political system, and promoting the building of a socialist country ruled by law, will help improve administrative efficiency, and promote "service-oriented government" of the building, and promoting sustained economic stability in China development is conducive to curb corruption, promote clean government, and analyzes the concept of open government, the rise of government affairs and development, should adhere to the principle of open government; the third part from the ideology, system construction, in private and public content analysis of the current administrative affairs of county government current development; fourth part of the realities of the current administrative affairs of county government problems in the process, from the subjective and objective analysis of the causes of the problems; Part V presents some administrative affairs of county government's development strategy, hoping to improve the current status of county government administrative affairs, and play in all aspects of administrative affairs of the community by promoting action to protect the rights of the people as masters.
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