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E-government Development Research Of Guangxi Province In The Perspective Of Service Oriented Government

Posted on:2017-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330509955222Subject:Administrative Management
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In the era of the rapid development of the Internet information explosion. How to provide convenient, rich and practical public service for the public and enterprises, is an important challenge for the construction of service-oriented government. E-government as an important means to strengthen the government’s public service function, and to improve the performance of the government management. Its development has also resulted in profound changes in society: The trend of information technology, network bandwidth continues to expand, a sharp increase in the number of mobile devices, interoperability everywhere. "Internet plus", big data, cloud computing, networking and other new technologies, new concepts continue to emerge, it brought people’s thinking and life style changing. Under such background, E-government as the carrier of the Internet Service Center, which has a great innovation of the government management tools, but also changed the administrative office mode. Online administrative service center has become an important window and platform of governments at all levels to online services, information disclosure, interaction between the government and the people, influence people’s way of life, more can put it as a service type government construction of a feasible way.The Online administrative service center as a reflection of the e-government development in an important platform and bibcock project, government affairs public, providing online services and carry out politics civilian interactive activities and an important gateway to the unified platform. Constantly improve the level of online administrative service center construction, raise the level of the public service of online government services center, not only is the objective requirement of e-government construction, but also related to the results of service type government construction can be realized. The academic circles at home and abroad to build a service-oriented government and the online government website were systematically studied, also made many achievements, but most of the results are still concentrated in the only either in technology or in theory. In recent years, the difficulties encountered in the development of provincial websites for online government without too much empirical research, specific to Guangxi province, on how to build the online government services website, there is still a lack of specific research, there are still many problems need further exploration, in-depth investigations and studies.The research of this paper are based on the research of the theory of service type government and e-government theory, Analysis on the overall development of E-government in Guangxi by the requirements of how to build the service oriented government. In Guangxi government service center in the column setting, mechanism construction, the content of the protection of the difficulties encountered in the maintenance process。Finally, it puts forward the ways and means to meet the requirements of the service oriented government in Guangxi.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service oriented government, e-government, Online government affairs service center
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