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Laos Problem And Countermeasure Research Of The Basic Change Of Government Function

Posted on:2016-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Government as a foundation of Laos national administration system at the grassroots level is directly related to groups of people’s life, bear the link between countries and people’s government function. At the grass-roots level is directly related to the implementation of the functions of the government, national image in the eyes of people and the people’s revolutionary party, is the cornerstone to maintain national stability and development. Laos since the implementation of opening-up policy, the market economy and planned economy widens the country administrative functions also will change, but the basic functions of the government transformation has been developing in a slow, did not match the country’s economic and social development of fast, affecting the implementation of the strategy of the country.In 2011, with the opening of the Lao people’s revolutionary party "nine", the government institutional reform again was promoted to the national strategic level, and obtained the unprecedented attention. As one of the most widely coverage of grassroots government, how to transform its functions, in order to better serve the social development, will directly relates to the success or failure of the reform. Under this special background, this paper studied how to shift Laos basic functions of the government, the full text is divided into five parts:From the present situation of current Laos grass-roots government function transformation, there are all kinds of problems. First, due to the long grass-roots government in social management on the role of the "almighty government", and enjoy the benefits of exercise right, definition of functions of grassroots government for its lack of clear understanding, and also do not have enough power to functional change, at the same time, Laos domestic research on the change of government function mainly concentrated in the central level, in view of the grassroots government functions is the lack of enough mature theory, leading to the whole society to speed up the change of government function not form effective consensus, so as to make the definition of the functions of the government at the grassroots level on a lack of accuracy; Secondly, "universal" government role playing and there is no name on the basic unit government in the performance of functions and between different power for a long time, lead to Laos domestic economic development exists serious imbalance, grass-roots governments have limited financial ability, to increase social public products, indirectly lead to the grass-roots government failed to get guarantee on the performance of the basic functions; Again, although the central government formed a consensus on the transformation government function, and is also trying to promote the implement of shift, but because of involving surface is wide, the right segmentation and administrative personnel shunt there is huge resistance; Finally, although Laos has achieved some results in the change of government function, but from the existing five times more formal government reform, the lack of enough to maintain the stability of the existing results.In view of the current Laos grass-roots problems that exist in the transition of government function, this paper proposes countermeasures and Suggestions from three major aspects. First, actively promote the development of private economy, because the current Laos private economic development in a lower level, promote the development of private economy, government function transformation, and helps to provide a strong backing; Secondly, the basic functions of the government should have scientific orientation, here mainly from the economic management, social management and public service and so on three aspects, by encouraging researchers in Laos and strengthen social propaganda, enhance the level of theoretical study and social cohesion strength, forming acompre hensive government functions defined; Finally, to perfect the construction of functions of grassroots government fiscal system, here also from three aspects, respectively is to strengthen the construction of local tax revenue sources, improve the grassroots government fiscal payment system and strengthen the supervision over the use of fiscal funds, to consolidate the basis of grass-roots government in the aspect of performing functions.
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