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Research On The Funeral And Cemetery Workers' Occupational Stress

Posted on:2013-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the rise in funeral expenses and cemetery price,the industry of funeral andcemetery began to become the focus of the community talking about。People think the industry offuneral and cemetery as "lucrative industry"。Related to this,workers of funeral and cemetery becomean object that some people envy,but there are still part of workers of funeral and cemetery disdained。Some people think that workers of funeral just burn the dead person,and workers of cemetery just seethe grave。Since it is so much on workers of funeral and cemetery,so what about of workers offuneral and cemetery?In this paper,qualitative and quantitative research methods were adopted,employees of5funeraland cemetery in city of BJ were to be surveyed。It putted out a total of220questionnaires,and200valid questionnaires were returned,up to90.9%。In order to ensure this paper had a comprehensiveresearch,10workers of funeral and cemetery were interviewed。Three assumptions were proposed inthis paper:sources and symptoms of workers'occupational stress have significant differences withworkers' ersonal characteristics differ,between sources and symptoms of workers' occupational stresshave significant relationship,variables of sources of workers' occupational stress have significantlypredicted to symptoms of stress。 In this paper,it combined variety methods of statistical data within-depth interview to verify hypothesis。This paper has the following conclusions。First,overall,workers have great occupational stress,with5being the highest score,the averagescore of2.7965。Second, in personal characteristics, workers had significant differences in symptomsoccupational stress due to the different gender,age,working hours and the content work。Butsymptoms of workers' occupational stress had not significant differences on education level,maritalstatus and jobs。Third,with the relationship of sources and symptoms of workers' occupational stress,the wholesource of occupational stress had significant positive correlation with the whole symptom ofoccupational stress,variables of source also had significant positive correlation with the wholesymptom of workers'occupational stress。Fourth,the prediction of source to symptom,the whole source of occupational stress to thewhole symptom of workers'occupational stress had significant predictability,variables of source tothe whole symptom of occupational stress also had significant predictability。Finally, according to the analysis results, it provided suggestions to relieve workers'occupational stress of funeral and cemetery from social level,funeral and cemetery level,and theindividual level。It had outlooks on the study of workers of funeral and cemetery in future。...
Keywords/Search Tags:workers of funeral and cemetery, sources of occupational stress, symptoms ofoccupational stress
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