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Research On The Educational Quality Insurance System Of Postgraduate Education

Posted on:2012-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330338466535Subject:Social security
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Graduate education is the highest level in higher education in social economic and scientific development, construction of constructing innovative country plays a very important role, Ph.D. Education undertaking the high-level top-notch innovative personnel training mission, with China's graduate education development scale, scale and quality for correctly handle the contradictions, it is necessary to strengthen the education law doctoral research, establishing scientific doctoral post graduate education quality guarantee system.Cultivation of innovative ability is the core issue of doctoral education at home and abroad, this paper through relevant doctoral post graduate work and quality guarantee system related literatures, the analysis and comparison research. Meanwhile, focusing on the innovation ability training, further explore our doctoral post graduate education work existed some problems, such as doctoral students overall innovation ability is insufficient, doctoral tutor overall academic level, guiding level waits for further promotion, enlarging the scale and quality assurance contradiction, lack of scientific selection mechanism and top-notch innovative personnel training mode single, etc. And the graduate matriculate quality, tutor dry preponderant discipline and profession team, an enormous, incentive mechanism of innovation, mechanism of management, quality standards and evaluation mechanism, and combining the practice key factors were analyzed.In education quality affecting doctoral students, on the basis of key factors from the students' quality, the tutor team, discipline and profession an enormous advantage, incentive mechanism of innovation, mechanism of management, quality standards and evaluation mechanism in six aspects:Constructing doctoral post graduate education qualities assurance system, and proposes the establishment perfect quality evaluation implementing system.Based on the education quality guarantee system doctoral research and analysis, in order to ensure and improve the quality of graduate education dry plays a certain reference function.
Keywords/Search Tags:Doctoral candidate, Educational quality, Assurance system
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