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Research On The Entrepreneurship System Environment Of College Students In Shanxi Province

Posted on:2022-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,the research on college students in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship has become a hot topic in international academics.Chinese college students are the new force of social innovation and entrepreneurship,and colleges and universities are the main positions for the cultivation and export of Chinese college students' innovative and entrepreneurial talents.With the continuous deepening of China's higher education and innovation and entrepreneurship education reform,colleges and universities in different provinces across the country are constantly looking for innovation and entrepreneurship support paths that are conducive to the development of local schools,and create an entrepreneurial environment that is conducive to the entrepreneurial development of local college students.The content of this paper is based on the characteristics of Shanxi undergraduate colleges and the current predicament,and draws on the three-dimensional framework of "regulation-norm-cognition" institutional environment proposed by Scott's institutional theory,and divides the institutional environment for entrepreneurship in colleges and universities into regulatory institutional environments(mainly including entrepreneurship education).management system,venture capital management system,entrepreneurial organization management system,entrepreneurial work supervision system and entrepreneurial incentive system);standardize the institutional environment(mainly including the entrepreneurial policy publicity system,the entrepreneurial incubation management system,the entrepreneurial competition support system,the entrepreneurial service management system,and the school Enterprise cooperation system);cognitive institutional environment(entrepreneurial teacher allocation system,entrepreneurial curriculum system,entrepreneurial practice model,entrepreneurial risk guarantee system and entrepreneurial resource sharing system)to analyze the current situation,and explore the improvement of the entrepreneurial system environment for students in Shanxi undergraduate colleges and universities.strategy.At present,Shanxi undergraduate colleges are in the mid-term of innovation and entrepreneurship support reform,and some achievements have been made in supporting students' entrepreneurial activities.However,there are still some deficiencies and room for optimization in the formulation and implementation of the specific content of the entrepreneurship system.Using a combination of student-side questionnaire survey and university-side expert interviews,this paper investigates the current status of the regulatory institutional environment,normative institutional environment and cognitive institutional environment of the entrepreneurial institutional environment in Shanxi undergraduate colleges.The overall survey results show that the construction of the regulatory institutional environment for the entrepreneurial institutional environment of students in Shanxi undergraduate colleges is not sound as a whole,the overall construction of the standardized institutional environment needs to be improved,and the overall construction of the cognitive institutional environment needs to be optimized.Finally,referring to the improvement strategies of the student entrepreneurship system environment of typical colleges and universities at home and abroad,and based on the current situation of the student entrepreneurship system environment in Shanxi undergraduate colleges and universities,it proposes strategies to optimize the student entrepreneurship system environment in Shanxi undergraduate colleges and universities.In terms of standardizing the institutional environment: take national policies as the banner,improve the rules and regulations for entrepreneurship;take talent training as the goal,implement specific entrepreneurial measures;take college campuses as the base,optimize the entrepreneurial organizational structure;take entrepreneurial incentives as the guide to enhance students' entrepreneurial motivation;In terms of standardizing the institutional environment: increase the propaganda of entrepreneurship policies and create a good entrepreneurial culture atmosphere;improve the entrepreneurial infrastructure and improve the incubation level of entrepreneurial achievements;set up an entrepreneurial service center to accompany students to start a business and find employment;improve the school-enterprise collaboration system and actively acquire social resources;In the cognitive system environment: implement innovation and entrepreneurship teacher training,improve the level of entrepreneurship teachers' guidance;optimize the entrepreneurship education curriculum system,implement the staged cross-threshold system;optimize the entrepreneurship practice activity model,form an online and offline communication network;build inter-school entrepreneurship Resource platform to share entrepreneurial resources of regional colleges and universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:university entrepreneurship system, college students' entrepreneurship, Scott's institutional theory, three-dimensional model of institutional environment
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