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The Analysis About 80's Generation Married

Posted on:2012-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"80's Generation" generally refers to this generation of young people who was born from 1980 to 1989. "80's Generation" is the first generation of only child who grown up accompanied by the development of China's market economy and the reform and opening up. Since the reform and opening up of China, great changes have occurred in economy and society and people's life. The rapid development of society and network's general applications in people's lives enable "80's Generation" to display with some ideological characteristics which is different from previous generation of person's. The majority of "80's Generation" are free of care from their childhood and grew up under protects in every possible way from their family. They have a strong independent consciousness, respect for individuality, pursue of freedom, longs for reception from others and the realization of self-value. They have the condition to access to the advanced thought the culture, have an open mind and creativity, strong innovation and sense of teamwork. However, under the influence of excellent living conditions, employment competition pressure and incorrect ideas in present society, "80's Generation" also shows some shortcomings of money worship, utilitarianism, the pursuit of ease and comfort, weak sense of responsibility and Self-centered. For the reasons above, in the aspect of love and marriage idea and love and marriage behavior, "80's Generation" has shown the new ideas and new concepts of pursuit of equality and independence, respect for marriage and family balance, and inclusive, open ideas and concepts, and meanwhile, there are many problems, such as they diminish responsibility consciousness in the love and marriage, marriage motive is not correct, utilitarianism hinders the sincere love and marriage, the attitude towards sex is open and the sexual act is indulged. The love and marriage choice is the significant choice and has the important meaning to a person. "80's Generation" already stepped or is about to step into the society. They will become the main force in building a harmonious society, and receive the entire society's widespread concerns. Therefore, the study on love and marriage problem of "80's Generation" has great significance to guide them to establish the correct values of love and marriage, construct healthy and happy life and maintain social harmony and stability.
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