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The Empirical Analysis For The Impact Of Tecnological Development On University Graduates' Emeployment In China

Posted on:2011-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2217330371963767Subject:Applied Economics
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In recent years, the difficult problem of university graduates getting employed is becoming day by day prominent. According to the former research foundation, beginning with the theory and the real diagnosis two aspects, this article attempts from the technological progress angle to discuss how to realize the full employment of university graduates, in order to obtain the valuable research results.Trough considering the literatures, we proposed the topic of the paper. Trough considering the literatures about the employment of university graduates, we got that the most of previous studies had ignored the factor that affect the employment university graduates- the technological progress;by considering the literatures about the impact of the technological progress on the employment, we found that the majority of literature about this aspect the treated the overall labor force of the technological progress as a study object, not isolating the group of university graduates. Theoretically, all of this have done a certaint amount of innocation. So, the prorosion of the paper topic was innovative in the theory certainly.The article analysised the impact of technology development on university graduates'employment from there angles.And then used the method of Solowe Residual Value to estimate the total factor productivity to represent the technological progress, in order to make a foundation for the empirical analysis of the paper. By making an empirical study, we got the main conclusions include: the technological progress did not play the same role as theoretical in promoting the employment of university graduates, but producted a nagative effect.The reason for the result may be that the impact of exports, imported inputs on the employment of university graduates is greater than FDI's, exports, imported inputs and FDI act as channels for the international diffusion of skill-biased technologies.To solve the hamfull affection of technology on the employment of university graduates, we found the solution from the angle of technological progress route. Trough the empirical analysis,we got that the three path of technological progress had good effect on the employment of university graduates.Finally, based on the above theoritical analysis and empirical analysis in the paper, we proposed some political suggestions to promote the enmployment of graduates.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological Progress, Total Factor Productivity, Method of Solow Redidual Value, University Graduates, Employment
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