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Research On The Impact Of Technological Progress On Employment In Henan Province

Posted on:2020-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575971506Subject:Labor economics
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In 2019,the State Council's government work report put "stable employment" at the top of the list."Stability" is the main tone of current social and economic development.Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood.Stabilizing employment is the core stability.With the development of the new generation of information technology revolution,new technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing have promoted the continuous renewal of traditional industries and spawned a number of emerging industries,which have had a profound impact on employment while adjusting the industrial structure.As an important factor affecting employment,scholars have conducted a multi-angle study on the impact of technological advances in different regions on employment,but whether technological advancement is promoting employment or restraining employment has not yet been determined.As a populous province,Henan Province,the employment problem is the biggest problem related to people's livelihood.This paper attempts to analyze the impact of technological progress on employment in Henan Province from the theoretical and empirical perspectives,in order to provide a useful reference for the economic development and industrial restructuring of Henan Province.Based on the relevant theories of technological progress on employment,this paper explores the impact of technological progress on employment in Henan Province.First of all,theoretically put forward the mechanism of the impact of technological progress on the total employment and employment structure.On the one hand,technological progress has an impact on the total employment through the destruction effect and compensation effect.On the other hand,technological progress through industrial structure effect,industry structure The effects and structural effects of labor quality have an impact on the employment structure.Secondly,it analyzes the current situation of technological progress and employment in Henan Province.First,combined with relevant data,the vertical and horizontal comparative analysis of the technological progress of Henan Province from the two levels of technology input and output;the second is to analyze the employment status from the two aspects of employment and employment structure.Finally,this paper uses the statistical data from 1978 to 2017 to conduct empirical analysis of the total employment and employment structure of technological progress.The results of empirical research show that when the level of technological progress is not high,promoting technological progress will not only lead to employment,but will have a negative effect on employment.When the level of technological progress reaches a certain level,it can promote employment growth.Generally speaking,technological progress has a dynamic impact on the overall employment,and the U-shaped curve appears as the level of technological progress increases.At the same time,the improvement of the level of technological progress has a negative effect on the employment structure of the primary and secondary industries,and has a positive effect on the employment structure of the tertiary industry.Based on the above analysis,in order to further promote the coordinated development of technological progress and employment in Henan Province,in the short term,moderately develop labor-intensive industries,increase investment in human capital and focus on the development of tertiary industries;in the long run,we must further improve the science and technology innovation system.Scientific and technological progress drives the upgrading of industrial structure and optimizes the employment structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological Progress, Total Factor Productivity, Total Employment, Employment Structure
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