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Empirical Study On Production Function And Level Of Production Factors Of The Railway Transportation Industry

Posted on:2012-09-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330338966751Subject:Transportation planning and management
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For the vast territory and uneven distribution of resources, only high-speed development of the railway transportation can provide china's national economic with strong transportation service support. Studies on the relationship between national economic and production factors of railway transportation can provide the development of railway transportation with guiding comments.Choosing Cobb-Douglas production function as basis model and Solow residual methods as the theoretical support, the paper has simulated the production function of railway transportation and calculated the relevant indicators;has described the narrow technical progress and calculated the general technical progress and the contribution rate of production factors; has calculated the appropriate level of railway transport industry from both micro and macro views, and obtained relevant conclusions.The studies generally include the followings:1. Quantitative analysis of the relationship between national economic and railway transportationOn the premise of defining the scope of the problem, with selecting gross domestic product and converted turnover as the feature index, and 2000-2008 as the study period, the paper has first drawn the scatter, then for the obvious linear relationship by graphic observations, simulated the relationship function which has a good hypothesis test results by using regression analysis. The result showed that the linear relationship between national economic and converted turnover of railway transportation is highly significant.2. Simulation and testing of the production function of railway transportationSelecting 2000-2008 as the study period and Cobb-Douglas production function as the basic model, the paper has first explained the actual meaning of each element in the C-D production function of railway transportation, then converted the function to a multiple linear form, and adopted both the number and total wages of railway transport employees, and simulated it by using multiple regression analysis method with both free mode and constant returns to scale model. By tests of statistical which included goodness of fit test, parameter test and regression function test, the paper has choose the constant returns to scale mode as the basis of the follow-up studies, then calculated a series indicators of the C-D production function which include marginal putout of labor and fixed assets, elasticity of labor and fixed assets and marginal rate of substitution of labor to fixed assets.3. Analysis of the technical progress of railway transportationWith describing both narrow and general definition of technical progress, the paper has first qualitatively described the technical progress of railway transportation from the narrow definition perspective including improving and updating production equipment, improving quality of workers, then quantitatively analyzed it from its broad definition perspective. Based on the influences from the improving quality of workers, the paper has first created an index which represents the quantitative feature of the worker's average quality, then calculated the contribution rates of general technical progress, fixed assets and labor to converted turnover by using Solow residual value method.4. Analysis of the appropriate level of production factors of railway transportation industryBased on the results of previous studies, the paper has calculated the appropriate level of railway transport industry from both the micro and macro way. From the micro view, the level should maximize the output. From the macro view, the level should meet the transportation need of national economic, and calculated the level with two methods:policy to determination method and forecasting to determination method.
Keywords/Search Tags:Railway transportation, Level of production factors, Cobb-Douglas production function, Technical progress, Solow residual value method
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