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Research On The Competitiveness Evaluation And Investment Strategies Of Listed Companies In Chinese Information Technology Industry

Posted on:2011-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330362956895Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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When time is entering 21st century, the development of information technology (IT) and web technology brought great change to people's product style and life style. The industry of IT as a hi-tech industry contributes much to the society and economy, because it has huge value and can promote upgrade of industry structure. Currently, every country in the world pays great attention to the development of IT, expecting scrambling the high ground in international division of labour. Our country also promotes the development of IT. During Eleventh-Five plan, our country makes a great progress in informatization. In next five years, IT will have more development space. For example, internet of things, cloud computing and three net fusions ,and so on ,will enter outbreak growth period ,these IT have been used in many areas, such as economic development, city management and social service. At the same time, the development of IT industry satisfies the need of upgrading industries structure. Because of 2008'financial crisis, global economic has been badly hit, especially for the western. Western countries represented by America in order to maintain their benefits, together force the RMB to appreciate, making Chinese enterprises in a worse situation. Thus, our country should adjust and upgrade industries structure, transition from the simple price competition in the low-end value chain to the industry in high-end value chain. I the new industries of strategic importance play an important role in upgrading industries structure. IT industry as hi-tech industry is a good way of adjusting industries structure. It can be foreseen that IT industry will be a rising-sun industry, of a great development potential and investment value.Based on the above research background, this paper takes listed companies of IT as research objectives, evaluates the competitiveness of listed companies of IT and provides an investment portfolio on IT industry for investors. At first, we build a scientific system to evaluate the competitiveness from six aspects, such as the size of enterprises, internal management, the research and development ability, profitability and development, repayment capability and operation ability. We use this system to evaluate listed companies of IT, and rank the competitiveness. Afterward, this article analyzes the macroenvironment, IT industry, sub-sectors'investment value and individual enterprise in turn. Then we provide an investment portfolio on IT industry for investors based on competiveness evaluation results which have been gained before. Finally, we summarize research conclusions, point out limitations, and provide future direction of this study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information technology, firm competitiveness, evaluation index, listed companies
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