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The Research On Elementary Chinese Teaching Materials Under The Perspective Of Task-based Teaching

Posted on:2013-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2235330371988700Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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The task-based teaching theory is a theory of second language teaching,which grew up abroad in the1980s. It is a brand new teaching theory which is concentrate on the content and beneficial for solving the problems existed in traditional teaching and stimulating the students’ self-learning ability. Therefore, it is of great significance for the development of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language to apply the task-based teaching philosophy to the research of Chinese primary comprehensive materials. However, the research of task-based teaching materials applied in the field of English teaching has been mature, but the research of task-based teaching materials applied in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language is still in its infancy. By far, the task-based Chinese teaching materials are rare, and the most influential one is "Experiencing Chinese".Through the comparison and the analysis between Chinese task-based teaching material "Experiencing Chinese" and English task-based material "Experiencing Chinese" which is widely used in English teaching in China, the writer attempts to take advantage of the merits in "Go for it" and discover the demerits and merits in the "Experiencing Chinese", finally giving relevant suggestions on how to write a good task-based material of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.The first part of this thesis is the introduction, this section describes the current situation of the research on task-based language teaching materials, and described the object and significance of the study; the second part of the article is to elaborate the relevant concepts and theories of the thesis, this part explains what the "task "is and what the " task-based language teaching" is, and explains the difference between traditional teaching comprehensive materials and task-based comprehensive materials, providing the theoretical basis for the thesis; The third part is the core of the thesis, this part compares and analyzes the "Experiencing Chinese "and seventh grade "Go for it "in detail from three aspects of content, style design and task design through a lot of data analysis and statistics, summarize the similarities and differences of the two textbooks and their respective strengths and weaknesses and concluding that "Experiencing Chinese" has the advantages of strong operability and functionability compared with traditional materials, but compared with "Go for it ", the " task-based " feature is not very obvious, on the contrary,"Go for it " which is characterized by task-based language teaching is innovative in teaching methods, rich in content and practical in the social communication. So it is of great use for the development of Chinese as a second language teaching materials to borrow ideas from of "Go for it"; The last part of the paper gives suggestions on how to write a good task-based material of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language on the basis of the previous research, this section can be divided in three parts:firstly, it discusses the problems exist in present Teaching Chinese as a Second Language materials on the basis of the third part of the thesis; then this section elaborates the difficulties in the writing of the task-based language teaching materials; finally the author gives his writing suggestions from the angles of content choosing, style design and task design.
Keywords/Search Tags:Task-based teaching, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, the primarycomprehensive teaching materials, "Experiencing Chinese", "Go for it"
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