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A Comparative Study Of "Developing Chinese"and"Experiencing Chinese"(Advanced Course)

Posted on:2017-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330539986017Subject:International Education in Chinese
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The teaching material is an indispensable part of teaching Chinese as a foreign language,and it is an important reference to the teaching and learning of the teachers.The reason why the preparation of Chinese textbooks for foreign language needs to be paid enough attention,is precisely because the teaching materials in the whole system is crucial and irreplaceable.Therefore,it is very important to strengthen the theory and practice of teaching by comparing the concept and method of teaching materials.As to improve learners comprehensive Chinese proficiency further in the existing Chinese level based on the textbook,is also the main courses more use of teaching materials,writing of foreign Chinese senior comprehensive textbook needs get enough attention.This paper will compare the two aspects of the text,new words,grammar and practice of "developing Chinese" and "experiencing Chinese" four sets of teaching materials,Comparison and further analysis of the two sets of teaching materials in the preparation of the ideas and methods of the similarities and differences and the advantages and disadvantages,and put forward a conclusion out of contrast to prepare proposals,hoping to improve the comprehensive quality of textbooks of senior Chinese,promote the development of the theory of writing.As a senior Chinese textbooks published in the past two years,the development of "Chinese" and "experiencing Chinese" compared with the traditional idea of compiling teaching materials,in many areas have made great progress,but in dealing with the specific content of the two sets of textbooks,there are many different places,each of the pros and cons,for the deficiencies also,need to work together in teaching Chinese as a foreign language after improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Compilation of teaching materials, Advanced teaching materials for teaching, Chinese as a foreign language, Task based teaching method
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