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The Study Of Task-based Teaching Materials For The Development Of Chinese International Education

Posted on:2018-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2335330515994340Subject:Chinese international education
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In recent years,task-based teaching materials develop quickly in the education circle of Chinese as a foreign language.After adopting task-based teaching materials,the teaching effect is better.Task-based teaching materials pay attention to learners' studying experience and learners are considered as thedominator of study activity.By completing one task,learners will acquire relevant knowledge.From the perspective of task-based teaching materials,two teaching materials—Global Chinese and Experiencing Chinese—are adopted,compared and analyzed.Both of the teaching materials focus on teaching tasks.Hence,teaching tasks closely related to classroom teaching contents are compiled,so as to facilitate learners to “learn in practice” and finally obtain knowledge.The reason for taking these two materials as examples is that the application scopes of them are different.The former is widely used all over the world,while the latter is frequently used in domestic Chinese courses.It is expected that through the analysis and comparison of the two,relevant conclusions can be made,thus some suggestions on task-based teaching materials which popularize Chinese international education can be put forward.Through the comparison it can be seen that:In terms of compilation style,each class of Global Chinese is composed of relevant language task,so task becomes a basic unit connecting the overall teaching material,which embodies the “task-based” mode of Global Chinese.As for the compilation style of Experiencing Chinese,it can be seen that task is an important component of the teaching material and the teaching mode is “combining with tasks”.In terms of text task,the main features of Global Chinese are weakening texts,implicitly compiled grammar and prominent student-student interaction,while those of Experiencing Chinese are dialogic type texts,distinctly compiling compiled grammar and more teacher-student interactions.With regard to exercise task,the features of Global Chinese are diversified taskcategories and focusing on students' interest.The characteristics of Experiencing Chinese are unitary and fixed task types and emphasizing on students' requirements.Based on above comparison and analysis,the compilation experience of Global Chinese and Experiencing Chinese are further summarized and elaborated.On this basis,by referring to highlights of these two teaching materials,some suggestions on the compilation of task-based teaching materials are put forward.In the aspect of compilation style,authentic situations serving as principal writing line,compile a complete task chain.With regard to text task,infuse grammar into teaching tasks and reasonably balance language forms and significance.In terms of exercise task,increase the types of task exercises,enhance interactivity and pay attention to extracurricular tasks.In addition to above several aspects,in terms of evaluation,it is also suggested to “form an appropriate teaching material evaluation system”.In general,it is expected that through the comparison between Global Chinese and Experiencing Chinese,their features in compilation,text task and exercise task are summarized.Then based on the compilation experience of these two materials,some suggestions on the compilation of task-based teaching materials are proposed,with a view to promote the popularization and development of Chinese international education through task-based teaching materials.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese as a foreign language, task-based teaching material, Global Chinese, Experiencing Chinese
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