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The Influence Of Stalin Model On Mazedong’ Exploring Road Of Chian’s Socialist Construction

Posted on:2013-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Stalin mode is a socialist development model of human first great success to try,Stalin is Stalin’s of the founders of the model. Stalin mode in the Soviet union initiallyformed in the late1920s,30s basic established. A little different from the Soviet modelStalin mode, not including the Stalin about certain policies, the system reform. Stalinmode to the high concentration of political and economic system for features, the use ofexecutive orders means, effectively will become the Soviet union construction of apowerful socialist industrial countries, achieved world-stunning successes. Stalin modefor most of the construction of the socialist country template, Stalin’s prosperity anddecline success or failure mode and the whole international communist movement soclosely related to an ebb and flow.After the founding of the People’s Republic, with MAO zedong as the representativeof the Chinese communist party’s new China of the construction of the country as amodel version. Socialist transformation of the big three in advance and realize the firstfive-year plan of the excess completed, formed the Stalin mode in China’s looks like.While MAO zedong with confidence to Stalin model of policy for China’s socialistmodernization, the Soviet20big tong basket, wave the xiongnu events ensued,anti-communist and the international calls of Stalin’s showdown, this undoubtedlytouched Stalin model of lofty authority. While MAO zedong lingering doubt, never in therectification in response, domestic asset class right out in the dust, MAO zedong hencetake to defend the anti-rightist campaign mode Stalin’s supreme authority. The great leapforward and the movement to establish people’s communes and consolidate Stalin modefor the blockbuster, the class struggle enlargement and the sino-soviet debate is the fieldof ideology main measures. Ten years of the "cultural revolution" was finally havoc in, intentionally or not, will be in the China curing mode Stalin, and get rid of theimprisoned and become the "cultural revolution" in30years after the Chinese communistparty has great and hard the history of giant.
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