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Study On The Resident Relationship Of The National Culture Tourism

Posted on:2013-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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CheXi Village of TuCheng Town,DianJun Region,Yichang City in HubeiProvince is one of the nation’s Tujia administrative village, Tujia and Han nationalitiesliving together,which is the few scattered national villiage in Yichang City. CheXiVillage becomes a well known village for the Wealthy around tourist attractionsthrough the development of national culture in the process of tourismdevelopment.The harmonious relationships between the local Tujia and Han residentsis an important guarantee for harmonious ethnic relations.The research of ethnicrelations in ethnic and cultural attractions has a strong practical and theoreticalsignificance.The essay has combined ethnological and sociological theories with documentsto understand The basic overview and the development of CheXi Village ethicrelationship.Meanwhile,six representative variables,which should vary accordinglywith the ethnic relationships in the course of the development of CheXi Village,areselected as key indicators to assess local ethnic relationship,that is,the inhabitationpatterns,the chaIlges, the national association, the use of language, the ethnicintermarriage, the customs and the national consciousness.On the basis of meinvestigation,a condusion is drawn that the ethnic relationships in CheXi VillagegeneIally represent the new type of socialistic ethnic relationship,i.e.,a relationshipof equality,unity,mutual assistance and cooperation among all of China ethnicgroups,and thatthe harmonious and equal relationship is dominant.Then the essaysums up the main characteristics of the ethnic relationships in CheXi Village,whichinfluence the ethnic unity and analyze the causes,such as the distribution of interestsand the problem of environmental pollution.At1ast,the essaygives the suggestions inrelated to setting up the good running mechanism of harmonious relationships amongscattered communities....
Keywords/Search Tags:Ethnic tourism, the development of tourism, Ethnic relation
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