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A Research On The Strategies Of Chinese People-to-People Diplomacy In The New Period

Posted on:2013-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The historical development of more than60years of the people-to-peoplediplomacy of New China can be divided into three phases, the people-to-peopleexchanges before the founding of New China, the practice of the non-governmentaldiplomacy until the implementation of the reform and opening-up policies and thepeople-to-people exchange activities ever since. China’s non-governmental diplomacyaims to enhance people’s friendship, further international cooperation, safeguardworld peace and promote common development, and works for the purpose of generaldiplomacy, national development, the great cause of national reunification and worldpeace. It plays an important and irreplaceable role in promoting friendship betweenthe Chinese people and people of all countries and creating a good internationalenvironment necessary for our country’s development. In the new era, China’speople-to-people diplomacy appears to be more active in fields of politics, economy,culture, urban development, etc., as such international exchanges have becomeincreasingly frequent.The Chinese non-governmental diplomacy, directed by the the official diplomacy,makes efforts to support the overall diplomacy through people-to-people diplomacy,improve political relations through economic cooperation, promote mutual trustthrough cultural exchanges, and enhance diplomatic relations with other countriesthrough local governments’ contacts, so as to contribute to the normal development ofrelations among states. It depends on the unique advantages and channels to influencethe public and social elites of other countries to carry out people-to-people diplomacyand establish state image. It actively participate in the international NGO events toget the access to the right of speech in the international public society. it vigorouslyorganizes cultural exchanges with foreign countries to enhance the cultural influenceof China and promote China’s soft power. The non-governmental diplomacy,characterized as inclusive, stable and long-term, occupies a fundamental position inChina’s overall diplomacy, which also determines the glorious mission of the Chinesepeople-to-people diplomacy. Under the theme of peace and development, China’s international strategy aimsto create a favorable international environment, maintain and safeguard nationalinterests and promote world peace and development, unswervingly proceeding on theroad of peaceful development and building a harmonious world. The people-to-peoplediplomacy as an important part of China’s overall diplomacy, plays an important rolein planning China’s national strategy, and has the grand responsibility of creating apeaceful and friendly international environment to enhance the country’s soft powerand build a good image of the country.The Chinese non-governmental diplomacy should always adhere to theprinciples of abiding by and serving the general official diplomacy, attaching equalimportance to both people-to-people diplomacy and official diplomacy while the twoaspects supporting each other, and assuring the coordination of participants ofnon-governmental diplomacy. Concerning the basis and function of non-governmentaldiplomacy, we should pay attention to the public participation and diplomatic nature.The public participation mainly refers to the degree of public participation, anddiplomatic nature means its role in public diplomacy, city diplomacy and culturaldiplomacy. When we come to the construction of the strategy of the people-to-peoplediplomacy, we need to focus on both the inner system and outside network.The structuring of Chinese non-governmental diplomatic strategy may beginfrom within the system as well as the network outward. As for the system setting, weshould strengthen the guidance and integration of the system to promote theestablishment of joint meeting mechanism of the non-governmental diplomaticorganizations, improve the work method including work publicity and innovation toexplore new energy of non-governmental diplomacy, and focus on the cultivating anddirecting public participation which will play a role in the non-governmentaldiplomacy. As for the outward network construction, based on the overall goal ofChina’s international strategy and non-governmental diplomacy, we should focus onthe general structuring at the global level, the regional level and the country level,endeavour to make contacts with countries which have not established diplomaticrelations with China and underlie the layout of China’s non-governmental diplomacy,with developing countries as foothold, big powers including the United States, Russia,the European Union and the G8member countries and other neighbouring countriesthe focal points, and international NGOs the extension, push forward the “staircase”transformation of the establishment of friendship city relationship to improve the development layout of international friendship cities, attach great importance to thebroadness of the contents of non-governmental diplomacy and actively developappropriate work policies and strategies relating to different non-governmentaldiplomatic work coordinators, partners, etc., and form the development strategy ofChinese people-to-people diplomacy, with foreign friendly-with-China personages asthe strategic supporting point.The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is oneof the time-renowned organizations engaging in people-to-people diplomacy. TheCPAFFC50years of development fully proved nongovernmental diplomacy plays animportant role in the country’s overall foreign policy and the CPAFFC is an importantforce to promote the development of China’s nongovernmental diplomacy. In theprocess of the long time practice of CPAFFC’s people-to-people diplomacy, theorganization has gained its own unique advantages. Along with in-depth developmentof globalization in the new era, the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship withForeign Countries is faced with a major and urgent problem of how to hold on itscharacteristics and advantages. In order to enhance the non-governmental diplomacywork of the CPAFFC, they should deal with and balance five relationships such aspeople-to-people diplomacy and public diplomacy, strategic development and workinnovation,“work hard to earn the position” and “only position can define workachievements”, brand protection and finance increase and costs reduction, as well asself-building and public relations and publicity..
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