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The Analysis On The People-to-People Diplomacy Of China In Xi Jinping's New Era

Posted on:2020-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575496615Subject:International relations
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With the continuous development of informationization and globalization since the new century,the links and exchanges between countries around the world are increasingly close,and the degree of interdependence is also increasing.Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up,China's development and rise have attracted worldwide attention.In the process of this great change,the living standard of the Chinese people has greatly improved,the Chinese people's vision has become wider,the footprints and figures of the Chinese people are all over the world,and the development of Chinese enterprises can not be separated from the international community.As an important part of the country's foreign exchanges,folk diplomacy also ushered in the spring of development.The turn of the country lies in the close relatives of the people,and the close relatives of the people lie in frequent exchanges.The main body of non-governmental diplomacy is the people,and people's participation in world peace,cooperation and development is profound and important.Faced with the complex and changeable international and domestic situation,in order to create a peaceful and stable international environment for China's further opening up and socialist modernization,since the 18 th National Congress,Xi Jinping,as the core of the new leadership group,has put forward a new type of diplomacy with Chinese characteristics.Folk diplomacy is the pioneering work of New China's diplomacy,and it is also an important part of the diplomacy of big powers with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era.President Xi Jinping pointed out that "non-governmental diplomacy is the basic work to promote people's friendship and promote the development of international relations,and it is an important part of the overall diplomacy of the country." He also stressed: "In the new stage,the task of non-governmental diplomacy is more onerous,the role is more prominent,and the platform is broader." The masses are the creators of history,the fundamental force to promote social progress and the fundamental subject to build a harmonious world.In this respect,the people are not only the participants and fundamental objects of domestic political life,but also the importantroles in international affairs.Actively utilizing non-governmental forces,giving full play to the role of civil society organizations,transnational enterprises and citizens,promoting communication and understanding between different countries and cultures through the development of non-governmental diplomacy in different fields and forms,and shaping inter-state relations are conducive to building a fair and rational new international order.In Xi Jinping's new era,the only way for the development of non-governmental diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era is to carry out non-governmental diplomacy creatively in practice and constantly sum up experience.
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