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Building Service-oriented Government:the Basic Developing Trend And Path Selection Of Our Governmental Functions Transformation

Posted on:2013-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330377459565Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative reform has been the worldly trend since1998s. With the tide of global reform, our central government work report brought out the goal of "building service-oriented government" combined with domestic specific conditions. Service-oriented government is the final target of our governmental functions transformation, and also the way out of breaking present predicament and deepening reform. However, under current situation, our government is facing with some difficulties during the process of building service-oriented government. Thus, the research on building service-oriented government whose core way is by transforming government functions is very significant.In the new century, our government regards service-oriented government as the constructing goal, trying to change the government functions. Service-oriented government requires our government to set up the human-oriented concept, to focus on the functions of macro-control, social management and public service and so on. Based on the requirements and taking the government work report from2004to2012as the research materials, this paper will summarize the achievements on building service-oriented government from four aspects including changing vein of function concepts, orientation of focal points on function contents, evaluation characteristics of operation mode and changing direction of function relations, and then conclude the transforming trends of our government:firstly, our social functions is being enhanced, and the economic and political functions are relatively stable. Secondly, the macro-control function is being strengthened and some government functions are being socialized. At last, the international and domestic government functions are being increased.We have got some achievements on building service-oriented government, but there are some problems in the transforming process, such as the disparity between function settings and function concepts, shortage in public supply to heavy public demands and inconformity between society development and economy development. To solve these problems, our government must adhere to human-oriented concept, create legislative environment and renew service manner, which can improve administrative efficiency and save costs. Meanwhile, evaluating transforming effectiveness and adjusting government work according to the evaluation results, our government should overcome the element blocking changing government functions.
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