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Zhungeerqi Ecological Migration Strategy Research

Posted on:2012-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374470267Subject:Business Administration
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To curb the ecological deterioration of the natural environment and solve the "three rural "issue effectively, the pilot of ecological migration was drown up and the implementation methods were developed on the basis of full researches since2006. At the same time, the compensation package were developed. The pilot policies, objectives, principles and areas of ecological migration were determined. The provisions of the object, scope, methods, standards of the ecological migrants and supporting policies and safeguards were made. On the current situation of the implementation, the ecological migration pilot has achieved certain results but also exposed many problems. For example, lack of the provisions of the principle of ecological migrants, narrow range of compensation, single way, low standard, shorter period of compensation, non-standard operating procedures, remedy missing and imperfect supporting policies were existed. It greatly hindered the effective implementation of the system. This paper try to summarize the successful experience of the ecological migration and analysis the existing problems and deficiencies on the base of researching the ecological migration of Zhungeer county. The finally strategic measures of this ecological migration were proposed by the following four steps. First, the internal and external environment were analyzed. Second, some environmental factors such as opportunities, threats, strengths, weaknesses etc Were listed. Third, these key environmental factors were strategically marched to SWOT. Forth, the reference of Zhungeer’s ecological migration choice were found.The overall strategy of ecological migration--relocation of entire villages, moderate shift, people yielding forest, comprehensive facilities, centralized resettlement, ensured that immigrants can get rich, ecological restoration and social stability was proposed in this paper. Around this overall strategy, a view that can play a guiding role to the theory and practice of ecological migration was expected. These corrective measures such as determining migrant area scientifically, improvement of the resettlement compensation, strength of the institutional innovation, improvement the supporting policy, establishment of risk assessment and monitoring system, protection of the villager’s rights and etc. were also proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhungeer county, ecological migration, compensation, Complementarypolicies, institutional innovation
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