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A Study Of MaoZedong Coalition Government Thought

Posted on:2013-01-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The formation and development of Mao Zedong coalition government thought is a gradual historical process. Before and after the1911Revolution, the political practice of the political forces, which profound political and historical background for the formation and development of Mao Zedong coalition government thinking. In the National Revolution period, the Communist Party as an emerging political forces began to move toward the front of the Chinese political history. The Mao Zedong coalition government thought is gradually formed in the CCP’s revolutionary political practice, and gradually.developed and improved. The construction of Soviet Peasants and Workers Democratic Government initially gave birth to the idea of coalition government of Mao Zedong. The "three-thirds" practice of democratic politics in the resistance Region precipitate the formation of the coalition government of Mao Zedong.In the political report of the Seventh Congress of the Communist Party, Mao Zedong explicitly put forward the proposition to construct a coalition government and all political parties co-Chongqing Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to the initial application. KMT unilaterally tore up the Political Consultative Conference resolution, the first to construct a coalition government bankruptcy.Mao Zedong coalition government claims is full of controversial topics, which the coalition government of the nature is the most disputed. The reason why the controversy is caused by the coalition government, because its organizational structure, power configuration, as well as the specific content of its program goals are the ultimate factors. Unfortunately, the coalition government is not able to set up in a timely manner after the war. Fortunately, the establishment of New China’s first session of the People’s Government makes up for this regret. It is the development outcomes of the coalition government of Mao Zedong Thought in the new period. This is mainly reflected on the leader of the coalition government and the basis of social class being changed. The new leader of the coalition government from the KMT to become the Chinese Communist Party; joint of the main political forces of the Kuomintang into a third force and the general public has been advocating democratic politics. Why call the new Chinese government as the coalition government, because its organizational structure and staffing are fully reflect the democratic nature of the ruling coalition. After the establishment of the first government, it is facing severe military, economic, cultural and educational situation and tasks. Through its effective operation, the first government completed a unified continent-wide, stabilized the chaotic political and social order in China at that time. And then, through the specific measures of the rectification campaign, and transforming the thought of the intellectual class, the first government’s legitimate sexual identity has been consolidated and enhanced. Meanwhile, the national economy has been fully restored and development. And the livelihood issues, to some extent, have been resolved.However, there are some defects and shortcomings of the new coalition government. These are affected to some extent, China today’s political system. So, in today’s political reform, we should learn from the experiences and lessons of the first government-running. The ruling party and the Democratic Parties must clear their responsibilities and tasks in the reform of the political system and continue to improve the multi-party cooperation system and political system of the Political Consultative Conference, which is in order to construct the political model of democracy with Chinese characteristics.Through the study, it can gain these conclusions:First, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party both sides should be constructed for the coalition government envisaged bankruptcy responsibility, but the KMT should bear the primary responsibility. Second, when the coalition government the idea that being taken into practice, it is not perfect, it reflects a strong personal nature, and lack of balance of powers, and the institutional settings are unreasonable. What are seriously influenced the later course of development of China’s politics. Third, the personnel composition of the coalition government and party and government relations arrangements are in favor of the party’s leadership rather than weaken the party’s leadership. So, the Chinese government and political development should be to learn from it now.
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