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The Research On Civilization Of Peasant-workers

Posted on:2012-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374995813Subject:Administrative Management
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Our country is experiencing industrialization and urbanization. In this process, it is the inevitable trend of historical development that a large number of migrant workers are converting to the citizen. It is a complex and social systems engineering, the conversion refers to the status, position,values, social rights and lifestyle of the peasant workers. It is simple to say that the process let the peasant workers identify with the citizen the same legal status and social rights. The process is the key to deal with the question of "san nong"; It can help to promote china’s urbanization, build socialistic harmonious society, promot the modernization of our country. Because of the domicile, employment, social support system, economic growth lever, urbanization level and the people’s prejudices, the peasant workers convert to the citizen still have a long way to go. After reform and opening up, a large number of migrant workers rush into town, it is the trend that our country is industrializing. They make great contributions to our country,at the same time their own survival psychological conditions, concepts are constantly changing; However, we should also be noted that migrant workers make tremendous contributions to the country’s development, but they do not enjoy the national treatment. Their flow is restricted and wage is arreared, there is no social security and dignity, they are discriminated.The family structure is influted, the civilization of them is rather lowThe paper in according with "three represents" and scientific outlook on development to provide guidance. Through research to find some countermeasures. First, we should dismiss the industry obstacles, deepen reform of the household registration system, dismiss the household registration system and national treatment to the peasant workers. At the same, we should raise the economic and political status of rural migrant workers, increase their pay, create the political environment for migrant workers that they can participate in and promot the state of rural migrant workers; We should improve the employment system, promot employment, employment has a vital bearing on the people’s livelihood and we should pay a lot of work to solve the arrearsment of salarie. In order to promot the economic position of the peasant workers, we should establish a comprehensive social security system for migrant workers. Secondly, we should dismiss unindustry obstacles, accelerate economic development and improve our living standards; We should speed up the lever of urban development and built a rational layout of the city, the scientific development of the city can make the citizen live better; We should unify our awareness, dismiss prejudice to the peasant workers in urban, and give them a favourable environment.
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