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The Pilot Study Of Theoretical And Applied E-Service

Posted on:2013-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330392954675Subject:Administrative Management
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After the pre-industrial era and the time of industrialisation, society has transferred tothe post-industrial era currently. That is to say, the modern service industry has occupiedan increasingly significant position in the national economic construction and developedgradually. The various new types of service sectors will bring global economy into theservice economy time. E-service as the core content of modern service industry covers awide range which including E-business, E-government, digital library, E-banking, on-lineshopping and etc. In contemporary China’s socio-economic transformation, E-service is ofgreat practical importance in promoting transition of manufacture to the service-orientedand the knowledge-based.As E-service is an emerging research issue in recent years, its development not onlyhas great importance to the contribution of theory and practice, but also plays a significantrole in promoting modern service industry. It has shown that E-service is in the process ofrapid development and wide adoption, which evolves the innovative mode ofinternet-based service. However, compared with application, its theoretical foundation isrelative weak. This is because the time of proposed this E-service conception is short, andnowadays, there is a phenomenon that the practical application is important thantheoretical study in the field of E-service. This essay focuses on collection, exploration,summary of the basic theories and the course of development and trend. With thisknowledge, the research may be competent to guide and analyse the applications in thesocial life.This thesis summaries contents from the view of development of E-service, whichcomprises definitions, connotations and classifications of E-service and some relatedsupport theories like E-business, E-government and cloud service. And also thisdissertation carries out a detailed analysis of E-service with its own characteristics,different perspectives, the history of development and tendency, and practical applicationand countermeasure. Moreover, the innovative point of this paper is to add ‘Cloud Service’which is known as the latest element in this field. Being a new concept, it has embodied in the full text. This issue emphasises fundamental theory and structure, intensifiestheoretical guidance via the methodology of documentary research. Then the practicalapplication of E-service is analysed through case analysis and empirical summation thatintegrate theory and practice to pursue solution and path of development.
Keywords/Search Tags:modern service industry, electronic service(e-service), e-business, e-government, cloud service
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