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The Construction Of Performance Evaluation Indicators System Of The Township Government Under The New Urban And Ruralpattern

Posted on:2013-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395453570Subject:Administrative Management
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China is giant with unbalanced regional economy. The urban and rural dual economy has become a bottleneck of economic and social development of our country. The urban and rural overall development wins attention. After becoming the base of urban and rural comprehensive reform package, Chengdu brings the construction of new urban and rural pattern, and overall development of urban of rural economy forward. Township government is being put into a higher level. Under this circumstance, it is very meaningful and valuable to study performance evaluation indicators system of the township government under the new urban and rural pattern.The theoretical guide is the government performance evaluation in this paper.It mainly baseds on the core concept "new urban and rural pattern".The writer finishes this paper with qualitative and quantitative research ways and means as follow:the methods include the norms of research, empirical research and comparative research methods.The technical means include literature collection,questionnaire design and surrey,statistical anlysis(such as SPSS and yaahp software)and other technical means.In this paper,it mainly cards the meaning of "New urban and rural pattern"and Government performance.The writer builds a sets of scientific and feasible performance indicators system based on theoretical analysis and empirical research.Above all, this paper makes a innovative study on the performance evaluation indicators system of the township government under the new urban and rural pattern, which provides reference to the township governments who want to build the performance evaluation indicator system in accordance with the local situation the demand of the times.
Keywords/Search Tags:New urban and rural pattern, Government performance evaluation indicator, Empirical research
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