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Research On Development Countermeasures Of County Administrative Service Center In The Context Of Electronic Government

Posted on:2013-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C C WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395458723Subject:Administrative Management
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With the advent of information era, the expansion of the Internet, the development of internet technology and mobile, and the strengthen of the needs of informatization and democratization, the E-government obtains a good platform and environment support and accelerate the pace of development. The development of E-government affairs and socialist market economy needs urgently to establish a more efficient, open and responsible government. However, the traditional management concept, mechanism and mode of our country are backward, especially in the supply of public services which cannot meet the needs of public and social development. As one of the most direct and the most basic service platforms, the usage and the level of E-government of the county administrative service center directly impact on the quality and the level of public service, and restrict the reformation of local government and the degree of government transformation. In this case, according to the reality of our county administrative service center and the development of E-government, and under the guide of the synergetic theory and customer relationship management theory, the author tries to explore the way of development of our county administrative service center in the future. This paper is divided into five parts.Part One is the introduction of the thesis. It briefly describes the motivation and significance of this research, reviews research status of administrative service center and E-government at home and abroad, shows all of the frame structure, and introduces method and innovation of this research.Part Two analyses the concept and related issues of both administrative service center and E-government, discusses the relationship between them and proposes some theories about them to support the further research.Part Three is about the situation, performance, institutional settings, system, construction and other aspects of the county administrative service center. It analyses the existing problems and causes of E-government and the county administrative service center which can give some thought of the following part.Part Four mainly put forward some proposals to solve problems of E-government and the county administrative service center, for instance, improving of the legal system, constructing the management mechanism, training staff, changing public service supply mode.At last, the conclusion part, summarizes the full content of the paper, looks forward the development of E-government and the county administrative service center to the future, and puts forward the direction of further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:e-government, administrative service center, county public services, social media
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