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A Study On Basic Public Service Supply Mechanism Of Chengdu Rural Communities Under The New Situation

Posted on:2013-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F H JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330395978496Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Chengdu implement urban and rural integration gradually, driven by the social project of coordinating urban and rural development and building harmonious society. The economic, political, and cultural all aspects have made great progress under the new situation in rural communities, as well as the relative lag problem of public service supply is very clear, basic public services as core elements relating to rural community survival and development should be priority in the construction of rural communities. With the improving living standards of rural community residents, they are increasing the demand for basic public services, Comprehensive rapid growth in demand with the serious shortage of supply in basic public services, has become the current outstanding problems in the rural community management.Domestic studies on rural public service generally agreed that long-term urban and rural "binary system" is the root cause of the acute shortage of public services in rural communities. This research summarize both at home and abroad related research for public service supply and combine the thought of equalization, analyze the problem of Chengdu rural community basic public services in theory, find that:total supply relative shortage, the local supply level is not balanced, try to perfect the current rural community basic public service supply mechanism in economics, management, politics, sociology and other subjects in order to change the present situation.The empirical research is implemented in14selected rural communities of Chengdu, according to the survey:the rural community residents general tend to dissatisfied with6items basic public service supply in rural communities and the basic public service supply is remains inadequate to meet the full demand. How do supply meet the basic public service demand optimally and improve the satisfaction of rural community residents on basic public service supply will be a guideline in rural community work.After a comprehensive consideration, this article offers4aspects to reform the basic public service supply system of Chengdu rural community:(1)Promoting urban and rural integration of public service supply mechanism of construction and insisting the basic public service "multiple" supply mechanism in rural community;(2) Gradually perfect basic public service decision-making mechanism by government and community combination;(3)Improve the public finance system, strengthen finance support and supervision;(4) Actively cultivating the third sectors and community self-governance organizations.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural community, basic public service, supply mechanism, Chengdu
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