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The Study On The Community Construction Mechanism Of The Communist Party In Linfen

Posted on:2014-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330398451300Subject:Political Theory
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The party’s construction in urban community is an important partof the party’s basic-level organization, is the foundation of theparty’s all work and fighting capacity. With the development of thesocialist market economy and the improvement of people’s livingstandards, community gradually become the connection point ofurban management to undertake all things, become theconcentrated reflection part of public opinion and safeguard ofsocial stability, and even more become a foothold of the partyconstruction. At present, our country is in the deeply transition ofthe reform and opening up, therefore,the communist party’sconstruction in community will face a series of new problems.Urgently, we must strengthen the theory research of the party’sconstruction in urban community, explore the law of party’sconstruction and improve the mechanism of the party’sconstruction in urban community, only then can we make theparty’s construction in urban community worked reasonable andeffective.This research uses the literature material method, interviewmethod and mathematical statistics method,Through studying theparty’s work patterns in urban community of Linfen,analyzing the party’s construction’s reasonable mechanisms in urban communityof Linfen,so as to provide certain reference value for the nation’sresearch.meanwhile, some problems appeared in the party’sconstruction of Linfen city,the author gave the correspondencemeasures.According to the subject of party’s construction research, thisstudy divided into three main content. namely: the study on thecommunity construction mechanism of the party organization inLinfen;the study on the construction mechanism of the communityparty affairs workers team in Linfen;the study on the mechanism ofthe community party members’ education and management inLinfen.This thesis is consist of five parts:The first part is introduction, the content includes the researchbackground, research significance, research status, researchmethods of the party’s construction in community and the relatedconcepts of this paper.The second part introduced the case of party organization’ssetting up, the party organization’s work situation, and summarizedthe characteristics of the community construction mechanism ofthe party organization in Linfen, meanwhile, the problems appearedin the party organization’s construction in community of Linfenproviding the proposal.The third part summarized the overall situation of theconstruction of community party affairs workers team in Linfen,including age, culture level of party affairs worker team,professional background; the working performance of party affairs workers; the current situation of the construction of party affairsworkers. This part also introduced the mechanism of constructionof the community party affairs worker team.Meanwhile, consideringthe existing unreasonable aspects in the construction of thecommunity party affairs worker team, the author providedreasonable suggestions.The fourth part is the study on the mechanism of the communityparty members’ education and management in Linfen. In thissection, the overall structure of the community party member andthe activities about the Party member education management aswell as the effectives of the role of the Party member in Linfen werefirstly being elaborated. Secondly, it makes a summary on themechanism characteristics of the urban community party member’seducation and management in Linfen. In the last, it provides somereferences on the existing problems of the party member educationin the process of the management in Linfen.The fifth part is conclusion, which mainly do a simple summaryon this article and provides the follow-up research ideas.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Party’s Construction in the Community, The Organizational Structure, Party Affairs Workers, The Party Members in the Community
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