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Evaluation Of Universities Directly Under The Ministry Of Education Scientific Research Efficiency

Posted on:2013-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H N GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330362472000Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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University is the important scientific research base in our national innovation systemand has been one of main force of major special core, characteristics, key technology anddevelopment. Its importance is becoming increasingly prominent. As the input increased forhigher education, the scientific research funds for universities especially the universitiesdirectly under Ministry increase year by year. Therefore, to study how to use the existingresources reasonable, dig latent capacity of universities, and improve scientific researchquality and further improve the performance of scientific research has the importanttheoretical and practical significance. Efficiency of scientific research is the core standard ofmeasuring the performance of activity of science and technology, so it is necessary to doin-depth research and analysis for the scientific research input and output of universitiesdirectly under the Ministry of education.This paper select scientific and research input and output index system for the studyrespectively according to the concept of the index system, the principle to establish theindex system and the index system selection of reference. The paper select64universitiesdirectly under the Ministry of education as the research object. Based on analysis of DEAeffectiveness, we analyze the efficiency of DMU who are DEA effectively combined superefficiency DEA, cross efficiency evaluation method and peer count method. And in order torealize the static and dynamic comprehensive evaluation of universities directly under theMinistry of education, we use the Malmquist productivity index method to analyze thechange of intertemporal productivity.The result of the first part of empirical analysis shows that,64universities directlyunder the Ministry of education overall technical efficiency on the low side, the first reasonis our country in the transition stage of planned economy system to market economy systemand not to establish the resource utilization efficiency oriented. The second reason isbecause of the difference of universities, they can not stay at the effective frontier.37DEAineffective universities directly under the Ministry of education show waste or lowutilization efficiency of scientific research staff or funds. The result of regional researchshows that the efficiency of far western region is lower than the east and the middle region.The result of second part of empirical analysis show that there are4universitiesdirectly under the Ministry of education in15effective universities are outliers and are excluded from the DEA effective decision making units. Use3kinds method to analyze the11DEA effective universities and the result shows not all same. Through comprehensiveranking, we found the performance of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunicationsis the best between the11universities, and efficiency of Northeast Forestry University andShanxi Normal University not performance well.The result of third part of empirical analysis show, technical change of64universitiesdirectly under the Ministry of education is the main factor of productivity change.There are two innovations in this paper. The first innovation of this paper is to use threemethods to analysis the effective DMU based on thinking of leg period. The result showsthat different method gets different results. It means that decision making units exist falsedegreeļ¼Œand only use one method for analysis of effective DMU is not enough. Thecombination of different methods will prevent ignoring some problem. The secondinnovation of this paper is to analysis the efficiency change of64universities directly underthe Ministry of Education with malmquist index method. This paper taking into account theinput-output delay period, the input data is from2005-2007related data source and theoutput data is from2007-2009.
Keywords/Search Tags:university directly under the Ministry of Education, data envelopment analysis, super efficiency DEA, cross efficiency evaluation, malmquist index
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