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Study On The Interactive Mechanism Between Technological Talent Aggregation Effect And City Innovation Capability Of Taiyuan

Posted on:2013-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371490482Subject:Business management
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Abstract:Under the influence of elicited causes and driven causes, technological talents flow constantly, and produce aggregation phenomenon. In the affection of internal and external environment, there is a quantitative to qualitative change when these talents aggregate in a certain scale, and it comes out the technological talent aggregation effect, which means the1+1>2economic effect that caused by the gathering of technological talents. This effect includes the effect of information sharing, knowledge spillover, creation, collective learning, district, etc. Combined with the traditional and there new view of system theory, we find out that the effect of technological talent aggregation can be considered as a complex system, which not only has the holistic, dynamic, orderly and optimization features, but also the dissipative structure, orderly self-organized structure and Mutation phenomenon.In the process of globalization, the international competition is more and more fierce. Innovation is highly valued by all the countries as an important weapon to increasing competition. The urban innovation is under the spotlight while city is the center of technological talent aggregation. The city innovation capability means the ability that all the subjects in the city innovation system coordinate, dispose and integrate all kinds of resource elements reasonably and effectively according innovation. It includes knowledge innovation capability, technological innovation capability, industry innovation capability, system innovation capability and environment innovation capability.The domestic and foreign practices proved that there is inseparable relationship between the technological talent aggregation effect and city innovation capability. Taiyuan, as the capital city of Shanxi Province, is not only the center of education, science, technology and culture, but also the innovation center. Its innovation capability has an important influence on the innovation capability of the whole Shanxi Province. Therefore, it’s significant to studies the relationship between the aggregation effect of technological talent and city innovation capability of Taiyuan City.By using the theories of aggregation and the flow of talent, this paper proposes the conception of technological talent aggregation effect, and analyses its reasons and characteristic. It puts forward the meaning of the technological talent aggregation system on the base of system theory. And it defines the city innovation capability and analyses its composition based on innovation theory and innovation systems theory. Then it measures the technological talent aggregation effect and the city innovation capability of Taiyuan vertically and horizontally by grey correlative analysis method and entropy valued method, which can reflect the current situation of Taiyuan. After that, it analyses the relationship of them qualitatively, then analyses it quantitatively by cointegration test, Granger test and error correction model (ECM) with software EView5to examine its cause-effect relationship and long-term balanced stable relationship. Finally, it proposes advice and measures to enhance the aggregation effect of technological talent and improve the innovation capability of Taiyuan.The innovations of this paper are:it establishes the evaluation index system of the technological talent aggregation effect and city innovation capability, and measures them with the comprehensive evaluating method by combining grey correlative analysis method and entropy valued method; it makes quantitative analysis on their relationship with correlation method of analysis of time series in econometrics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Technological talent aggregation effect, City innovation capability, Measure, Cointegration test, ECM
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