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An Action Research On Implement Professional Practical Physical Education Teaching For Tourism Management Major In Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2013-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371494136Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Higher vocational education refers to the special education which cultivate the appliedand specialized talents in higher technology who will work in front-line of the industrieslike production and construction,management and service. With the development of oursociety, the division of labor in society is becoming more specific and the demand to thequalification of the labor force from our society is also continuously increasing. The highervocational PE course is the final stage of PE education for students who will receive astheir in school education. This will be the decisive time for them to form their sportconcept, habit and abilities. In a sense, it also decides their future life styles and plays thedecisive role for their healthy working.The PE teaching targets of many current higher vocational colleges is not purposefuland the content of PE curriculum has no professional characters. Therefore,the coursereform of CBT delivery, construction of the platform which combines the sports skilleducation and vocational qualification education should be carried out according to thecharacters of higher vocational teaching and the actual needs of human recourses fromsociety and various psychological and physiological deficiencies of students in highervocational college PE course. So as to fully display the importance of PE culture oncampus and importance for the student’s personal development, to combine the PE courseand major education to serve and subordinate to the goals of the major cultivation andmakes PE course become the important methods and means to the development of studentprofessional qualities.By the main thread of professional practical PE and with the methods of selectionmaterial, literature studies, action research and interview, questionnaire investigation, mathanalysis and by cooperating with the Tourism Department of Wuxi City College ofVocational Technology, this paper focuses its study on the practical professional PE todiscuss the PE curriculum contents reform which can meet the needs of the professionaldemands and the physical and psychological goals, to offer practical supports in thepractical curriculum teaching reform in higher vocational colleges, to lay the solid physicalfoundation for cultivating the talented people with all-rounded development in ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics and the skilled application-type people withunique professional and industry features.Conclusions from this research:1. The implementation of practical PE teaching in the major of tourism managementof higher vocational college is favorable for cultivate the student body gesture, thedevelopment of good temperament, the ability of communication and coordination andtheir spirits for team work.2. By the implementation of action research,the following is found:The developmentof PE curriculum of tourism management major focusing its study on practical professionalPE great increases students’ interest on participation in sport activities, meets the needsof course target of tourism major in higher vocational college and meets the demands ofdevelopment and the students’physical and mental abilities and characteristics. Theadapted aerobics develop the students’awareness to adjust their body gestures effectivelyand students form the concept of “aesthetic”by studying aerobics and portrayal training.Introduction of the selected experiential training course can cultivate and enhance student’ssense of active communication, trustfulness and cooperation. Composed body posture andWaltz program cultivates the students’temperament and professional attainment andrealizes the goals of physical training and serving the career. But physical training is longprocess; one of the purposes of this paper also wants to make an active exploring ofpractical professional PE course in higher vocational colleges by this action research.3. Obtained through the action research: Vocational college career practicality sportsteaching is necessary, but also effective. Professional sports practical teaching, the choiceof teaching content should not only focus on students’ career needs and students live, workcharacteristics in close contact, but also to meet the characteristics of the sport. Must alsofocus on students’ mental health, occupational practicality sports teaching both to physicaltraining, but also conducive to the cultivation of a sound personality, but also serve thepurpose of vocational needs.
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