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Research On The Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Tourism Management Major In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2017-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J XingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330482986276Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The twenty-first century, the scale of development and the number of employees of China’s tourism industry has emerged a momentum of rapid growth. Along with the sound development of the tourism market situation gradually significant horizon, it is the tourism industry itself needs to change the trend of Talents, which began from "the urgent need to master practical skills of high skilled jobs talents" gradually to the "urgent need for both job skills and career development practices and innovation capability of high-quality applied talents "changes. In this specification the demand for the quality of talent behind the shift, a reflection of the quality of tourism professionals the ability to constitute a comprehensive and balanced development of the new requirements.Changing trends in the market for a new tourism personnel training specifications, but also of vocational colleges teaching professional tourism presents new challenges. How to balance job in ensuring outstanding students practical skills at the same quality and ability constitution requires a balanced development, which first need to examine the situation of such professional courses, lessons learned, identify problems and seek direction, to propose measures to improve the orderly, step by step perfect. Therefore I believe that in the foreseeable future, higher vocational colleges tourism professional education curriculum should be based on the principles of humanism, and gradually toward "core positions outstanding practical skills, taking into account the balanced development of students’ quality and ability," the direction to be improved. Therefore, in order to adapt to changes in the travel industry trends Talents need to explore the general direction of travel Vocational Curriculum Reform and Development of the market demand-oriented and professionalism Competence Standard and Basic Policy under, I chose the "talent-based vocational ability development Vocational course Construction of tourism "as the subject for a study.This paper is divided into five chapters. The first chapter mainly elaborated this research background, significance, literature review, research methods, research content; the second chapter introduces the current situation of tourism demand in the labor market, the number of employees in the tourism labor market for tourism demand, the overall quality of tourism personnel training requirements and current analysis of the situation; based on this, the third chapter discusses the current situation of tourism professionals vocational curriculum, from curriculum development, curriculum development, course content, tourist class course under construction and other aspects of the current curriculum of tourism professionals to analyze the problems; in the previous chapter on the basis of research results, the fourth chapter is to explore the market demand Countermeasures for Tourism Vocational Curriculum, the main conclusions are as follows, namely:the combination of market demand, clear training objectives; Curriculum reform of Tourism; strengthen the development of school-based curriculum; the role of quality courses in the curriculum, and so on. This chapter from the main tourist areas to explore how vocational courses to play its role, and actively adapt to market demand problem. The fifth chapter is the conclusion, the full text of the summarized.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational colleges, tourism major curriculum setting construction model
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