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Study On Curriculum Consistency Of Secondary And Higher Vocational Tourism Management Major

Posted on:2013-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395953825Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Education reform and development plan outline in2010have put forward, to form amodern vocational education system which reflect the concept of lifelong education, secondaryvocational education and higher vocational education coordinated development. The secondaryvocational education and higher vocational education connection as a dimension and approach,this is the next10years reforming direction and important task of our country. Curriculumembodies the education thought and education idea, which implementing the the blueprint ofconstruction organization of cultivating education goal and is the most main basis of teachingactivities. Therefore, the secondary vocational education and higher vocational educationconnection, its essence is the curriculum connection, which is the inevitable requirement ofcohesion. Throughout Chinese and foreign education reform, all put the curriculum reform in itsoutstanding position, and curriculum as the key to improve the training quality to reform andconstruction. curriculum more and more get the attention of the vocational education workers,but the theoretical study and practice are very weak, it is necessary to study.Tourism is a sunrise industry and "smokeless industry", and a comprehensive industry, itsnational economic contribution in the constantly increasing. Social tourist talents demand isalso more and more expanding, and the requirements of the level and quality are demanding.The major of tourism in secondary vocational education and higher vocational educationstudents as the associate tourism talents, their talents quality related to the development of ournational tourism. therefore, this paper put the secondary vocational education and highervocational education tourism professional curriculum as the research object, in-depthunderstanding the curriculum problems of two level school, and analyze the causes and putforward countermeasures, then design a new good cohesion curriculum plan, which is expectedto provide a reference for the curriculum reform, make full use of vocational educationresources, and improve the training efficiency and quality.In this paper have adopt the method of document, comparative research, interview andquestionnaire investigation methods, visited3secondary schools,5vocational colleges,18leaders and tourism professional backbone teachers and130tourism majoring students. through data collection, send and receive questionnaires, field investigation andcomprehensive analysis of the concrete implementation link, and got a more accurate data andthe precious firsthand material, at the same time have gained further comments and theunderstanding of tourism professional course. Take example by foreign courses of threesuccessful mode, and combined with actual situation in China, based on the curriculum theory,education, psychology and the related economic theories, this paper proposes the suitablecurriculum connection mode in China (tourism major) for reference. And according to theresults of the survey, I found many problems exist in courses connection, such as targetposition is not clear, curriculum set uanstandard, course content repeat quite, teaching modeobsolete, course evaluation methods simple, teachers know not enough about coursesconnetion, and so on. Then comprehensively analysis the factors affect curriculum connectionfrom the government, school, society level. then combined with the teacher’s advice, to putforward the solution measures from different aspects pertinently. Finally come up with thetraining target of the secondary vocational education and higher vocational college fortourism major, compared the professional ability differences,consequently designed aconnected curriculum plan in secondary vocational education and higher vocational collegefor tourism major.
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