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Research On The Present Situation And Promotion Strategies Of Professional Quality Training In Tourism Management Major Of Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2018-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of our countryís social economic,the tourism industry develops vigorously.At the same time,the requirement of tourism workerís occupation quality demand more and more higher.Tourism Management Major is a new subject developed in recent years.It plays a positive role in promoting the development of tourism.Higher vocational college students have higher professional quality can accommodate the requirement of occupation post,and enhance the employability of students.And it can keep the balance of the tourismís talent market.Therefore,this paper concentrates on the cultivation of professional quality of students majoring in tourism management in Higher vocational colleges.It has certain theoretical value and practical significance.The paper mainly uses questionnaire survey and interview ways to investigate the presentís situation of the professional quality training of the students majoring in Tourism Management in Higher vocational colleges.By means of the analysis of questionnaire and interview ways,we find that the following problems existed in the cultivation of professional quality of students majoring in tourism management in Higher vocational colleges.(1)School curriculum system is not perfect.(2)School enterprise cooperation is not close.(3)Professional quality evaluation system is lack of science and integrity.(4)Some teacherís teaching contents are single and teaching methods are lack of flexibility and diversity.(5)Some students are lack of professional knowledge about tourism.(6)Whatís more,professional ability and professional ethics need to be strengthen.There are some reasons resulting in these problems.(1)Schools donít pay more attention to the professional quality.They put too much emphasis on pragmatism education but neglect the comprehensive development of human beings.(2)Specialization degree of teachers needs to be improved.(3)Affected by the characteristics of higher vocational students,some studentís comprehensive quality need to be improved.From the perspective of school,teachers and students,the paper tries to put forward the strategies of improving the professional quality of students majoring in Tourism Management in Higher Vocational Colleges.(1)Schools should optimize the structure of curriculum.(2)Schools should strength the cooperation between school and enterprise.(3)Constructing scientific and reasonable assessment system of professional quality.(4)Schools can set up a tourism management professional steering committee to help students obtaining job.(5)Building double qualified teachers team and forming educational resultant force.(6)For the purpose of enhancing the amount of tourism professional knowledge,we can carry out the development plan of professional quality.We should continue to strength the professional ability and professional ethic education through various activities.
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