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China’s Higher Education Master’s Degree Quality Standard Research

Posted on:2013-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371981912Subject:Higher Education
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China formally issued by the National People’s Congress standing committee by the degreeof the People’s Republic of China regulations ", On January1,1981, in the thirty years, ourcountry’s degree and postgraduate education got rapid progress, and also in progressively perfect,greatly promoting the country’s higher education reform. From the current higher educationquality of the master’s degree of it, there are many ways also be improved, and also reflects thecurrent master’s degree quality standards exist many deficiencies, this also indirectly, impetus themaster’s degree of improvement and improve the policy. Along with the higher education schooldistricts to European quality standards in the formulation and implementation, although theimplementation in the process to have a lot of resistance, but it also signals the paying attentionto the degree in international quality standard. Through the quality of the master’s degree, can seethe future society the quality of talents, and also can see whether can promote the improvementof national comprehensive strength. So, for higher education master’s degree of quality standards,it is a certain theoretical and practical value of the subject.From the master’s degree of quality standards based on study, In this paper, use the methodof literature, comparative method and interview method to collect and analysis material, Throughthe investigation of the degree of domestic and foreign policy, comb and compare their master’sdegree quality standards and orientation, and then to the existing problems are analyzed, finallyput forward the construction of a master’s degree in our country the quality standard of the policyshould be but the orientation and implementation, specifically, the thesis mainly divided into sixchapters:The first chapter is introduction. This paper mainly introduced the background of theproposed, the purpose, content, the literature review, the research significance and the directionof the research and research method. In the study review, mainly from the degree and degreequality problem, degree quality standard research, higher education degree system at home andabroad with the degree of the study, the quality policy of quality standard research method ofdegree and the Angle of view several were reviewed in this article, and made clear the theoryvalue and practical significance.The second chapter is theoretical basis. First of all, to degree, degree of quality standards,the quality policy of degree connotation and extension of the concept of is defined, then thedegree of master’s degree in policy and national quality standard orientation, this paper analyzesthe theoretical foundation of the institute follow. The third chapter basically is through to our country degree system before and afterrecovery of different stages of a master’s degree of policy comb, and analyze the different stagereflects the master’s degree and quality standards.The fourth chapter is through the interview law and of the analysis of the text of the policy,The current our country to master’s degree of quality standard of realistic situation and analyzesthe reasons.Chapter five is mainly inspects the United States, Britain, France’s higher education degreepolicy and its master’s degree quality standards are analyzed, and then compared the master’sdegree of quality standards at home and abroad, and then put forward for Chinese master’sdegree of quality standards policy enlightenment.The sixth chapter basically set higher education in our country master’s degree of qualitystandard policy basis and ought to an overview of orientation, and trying to build the as the coreof the course in a paper, paper, English, the social practice as a standard policy content systemand expounds the implementation of the policy of the path.
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