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English Summary Of The Study Of Language Problems College Sports Academic Master's Degree Thesis

Posted on:2014-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330401966571Subject:Humanities and sociology
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English abstract is an extremely important part of the Sports Master’s Degree dissertation, at same time, it is the essential content for international scholarly exchanging and academic information transfering to the world. At present, the English abstract of sports postgraduates exist various language problems. In the thesis, the author adopted multiple research methods involve literature analysis, mathematical statistics and so on. Then, refer to more than2800sports postgraduates articles, random sampling more than600different theses from3majors, Sports Humanities and Sociology major, Sports Education and Training major, Sports Human and Science major respectively. By means of comparing with mistakes and grammatical structure and analyzing English abstract syntax error.Conclusions:1.2000-2011English abstracts of sports postgraduates’ average number of words is390.6±145.5. The statistics compared with the number of words in different classification of majors’ English abstract shows:Every thesis of Sports Human and Science major has the most words,which is first. Sports Humanities and Sociology major is the second, Sports Education and Training major is the third.2. The number of average Syntax errors in English abstracts of Sports Master’s Degree dissertation is3.91±3.16. The Syntax error rate is1.04±0.79%. Among the three majors,the minimum syntax errors and error rate is Sports Humanities and Sociology major.3. Through various types of syntax errors Classification analysis, the results show that the article errors accounting for32.5%; followed by singular and plural errors, accounting for19.3%; tense errors accounted for18.9%, preposition errors accounting for17.5%, spelling errors accounting for8.5%, adjective/adverb error accounting for3.6%. Three majors have no significant difference in all kinds of syntax errors.4. According to the results of annual English abstracts of Sports Master’s Degree dissertation analysis show that the most average number of syntax errors is2002,2003to2009at a relatively low level. However,it shows a significantly substantial increase trend from2010. On the other hand, the average syntax error rate is also the highest in2002, at a relatively low level in2003-2010. Then, it shows a substantial increase in2011again. There are many reasons lead to language errors of sports postgraduates’ English abstracts,the main reasons as follows:First,postgraduates and tutors don’t realize the importance of English abstract. Postgraduates had poor English foundation when they were studying in high school. second,when they got into university, the level of English requirements were still low. Third, postgraduates enrolled in English scores fairly low. Etc.In order to improve the level of English abstract of the Sports Master’s Degree dissertation, it is a need to raise awareness of learning English, strengthen teaching methods and to optimize learning methods, at same time,to increase international scholarly exchanging and other aspects. So that can make English level of postgraduate enrollment greatly improved. Simultaneously,lay a good foundation of English abstract writing.
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