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Research On Academic Life Experience Of Master’s Degree Students In The Stage Of Degree Dissertation

Posted on:2016-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461472874Subject:Higher Education
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In the context of expanding scale of Chinese graduate education, the academic life of graduate students gradually becoming a hot field of research. Academic life refers to individual engaging in academic research of various activities conducted in order to obtain system expertise and knowledge. Academic life experience is the process of emotion and meaning generation based on real feelings and profound understanding of academic life of individual’s academic work.This dissertation targets on several educational graduate students of Master’s degree, selecting the dissertation stage which is a complete process of academic work as the point of penetration, from selecting topics, designing research structure, accessing academic resources, selecting research methods and dissertation writing and modifications to the respondent with the application of qualitative research methods. According to writing focus of different stages, dissertation writing process is divided into three stages, namely:pre-dissertation stage, dissertation stage, after dissertation stage. The purpose of this study is:first, to restore Master’s dissertation process in different stages of academic life experience; second, to explore academic life experience for graduate students on the effects of different levels; third, to analysis dissertation stages of academic life experience for graduate students the significance of their own academic research.The study believe that the dissertation writing process is also the process of growing up of graduate students; extending academic life experience of profound significance; graduate students’academic life experience should shift from passive to active. Graduate students, through personal practice and experience, with an independent academic research capability of basic theoretical knowledge and ability, enhance self-accomplishment in this process, prepare for future academics and living.
Keywords/Search Tags:Master’s degree graduates, stage of degree dissertation, academic life experience
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