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Education Virtual Community Learning Evaluation Model And Index In The Design

Posted on:2013-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330371992345Subject:Modern educational technology
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The goals of our country educational informatization in ten years is:by2020, realize the education modernization and learning society by means of ensuring that the education fairness, improving education quality, promoting education reform and innovation as the objective, further promoting the information technology and education fusion. The high people quality and learning society can not exist without educational informationization, and at present, the network education is the main form of the informationizational education. Educational virtual community is one of the network education forms, compared with other network education forms, it is more flexible态open and rich in societal emotion, so that more and more people pay close attention to it. The development of the educational virtual community depend on the construct of both teacher and student, and its purpose is to improve the learning effect, promote the development of the students and build a ecosystem network society community with common social culture, which make the members have the sense of belonging and aseity. So, how to estimate the effect of the learner in educational virtual community, the territory, value orientation, criterion, means to evaluate the effect of members for improving interaction and reinforcing cohesion, and improving the development of learners finally, are the problems worth researching.This article is proposed based on the problems above. The author analyse the characteristics of educational virtual community learning process by literature search and empirical research through involving in the actual teaching and learning activities of qufu normal university "learning science and technology virtual community", and proposed the model of the educational virtual community learning process, the model of the educational virtual community learning evaluation objectives, the model of the educational virtual community learning evaluation, the exercisable means to evaluate and design the target system in educational virtual community, which be verified with the analyses of the questionnaires.
Keywords/Search Tags:Educational Virtual Community, Learning Evaluation, Evaluation Model, Evaluation Target, Empirical Analysis
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