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Confucius Institute Development Research Under The Perspective Of Strategic Alliance Of The Chinese And Foreign Universities

Posted on:2013-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330374952701Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The Confucius Institute is non-profit educational institutions to promote Chineselanguage and culture, to shoulder the important task of the Chinese culture and topromote this project. Universities are the cradle of cultivating high-end talent,colleges and universities bear the obligation of the promotion of culture. At this stage,there are some obstacles to the Confucius Institute’s development, such as promblesin the Human Resource Management, professional management, financialmanagement and assessment issues.These prombles are affecting the furtherdevelopment of the Confucius Institute. This study focused on the development of theConfucius Institute, drawing on the theory of economic management, to put forwardviable ideas for further information about the Confucius Institute.Because Confucius Institute take the school system of the Chinese-foreigncooperation in running schools,and colleges and universities are the main body of theChinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.What’s more, Confucius Institute andcolleges or universities are both belong to non-profit educational institutions,therefore, the realationship between of Confucius Institutes’ development anduniversities are inseparable. Strategic alliance in a way can be said that the advancedform of cooperation, the Foreign Universities of Cooperative Education raised to theheight of the Foreign Universities strategic alliance, can promote the development ofthe Confucius Institute for Chinese and foreign university strategic alliances tomaximize the Alliance and optimization the Confucius Institute has also be developedfrom the Union.This study of the Confucius institute in the development of the basis of the studyfound that the Confucius institute for restricting the further development of, in theConfucius institute and university and Confucius institute and chinese-foreigncooperation in running schools, based on the research on the development andconstructing university cooperation in running schools will be to promote the development of the Confucius institute of new ways, and further analyzes in theconstruction of Chinese and foreign college strategic alliance specific methods, hopethese methods can be feasible to promote the further development of the Confuciusinstitute of good method.
Keywords/Search Tags:confucius institute, higer school, Chinese-forieign cooperation inrunning schools, strategic alliance, construction strategy
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