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Research On The Strategic Alliance Of Local Universities

Posted on:2009-08-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S ZhanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360245480005Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The popularization of higher education has provided both good opportunity and enormous challenge for local universities' development.Most local universities have the problems that the core-competitiveness is insufficient and resources are scarce more or less at present.This dissertation makes a systematic study about the form reason of strategic alliance,alliance construction and alliance management and performance appraisal using relevant theories such as competition theory,the core-competitiveness theory of the university and social network theory synthetically. This dissertation proposes an effective solution for construction and development of the strategic alliance of local universities.This dissertation is mainly divided into eight parts.Part one is about the introduction.It puts forward research background,purpose and meaning of the strategic alliance of local universities studies,summarizes the current research situation both at home and abroad of the strategic alliance of the universities,and provides research contents,method and technical route used in this dissertation.Part two is about basic theory summary of the strategic alliance.It mainly introduces the basic theory knowledge that includes competition theory,the competitiveness theory of the university and social network theory.Then it analyzes the meaning and characteristic of the business strategy alliance and universities strategic alliance.Part three is about local universities' development environment and strategic alliance's motive analysis.It analyses the development environment of local universities which are in a era of popularizing higher education,then discusses the motive of forming the strategic alliance,and explain why the local universities will choose strategic alliance as its develop strategic choice.Part four is about the analysis for feasibility and obstacle of the strategic alliance of local universities.It discusses the feasibility both in theory and in practice of the strategic alliance of local universities,and then analyzes some conceivable obstacles that exist in constructing the alliance.Part five is about the construction of the strategic alliance of local universities.It explores deeply in choosing partners,organizing mode and support system,and proposing the solution.This dissertation provides the feasible optimum principle of partner choosing and appraisal scheme according to the characteristic of the strategic alliance of local universities,and then chooses the strategic alliance's partner utilizing the relation theory and ant colony optimization algorithm.On the basis of the partner choosing,this dissertation proposes the organization mode of strategic alliances of the local universities,analyzes the support system of the local universities strategic alliance,and provides the information technical support frame for the performance of the local universities strategic alliance.Part six is about the management of the strategic alliance.This dissertation mainly discusses the management problems that may appear in alliance execution.It proposes the rigid management method and flexible management method relate to the partnership problem of alliance.Then it analyzes the alliance stimulating mechanism from the macroscopic perspective,middle perspective and microcosmic perspective on the issue,and proposes the solution for reference.And then puts forward the management method based on fuzzy theory and information technology for interface problem.Finally it analyzes some risk questions that may appear in the alliance performance,and proposes the method of risk control and elusion.Part seven is about the appraisal of achievement of the strategic alliance in local universities.It researches into definition of the performance and appraisal of the local universities' strategic alliance.From the perspective of the synthesis and promoting the core-competitiveness of the universities,this dissertation scientifically appraises the performance of the strategic alliance of local universities in all-round way by the fuzzy level analytic approach,and analyzes the impact on the alliance's performance made by the resources and knowledge of the members of the alliance.Part eight is the summaries and the research prospect of this dissertation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Popularization of higher education, Strategic alliance of local universities, Alliance construction, Alliance management, Performance appraisal
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