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Research On The Construction Of Education Alliance Based On "Internet +"

Posted on:2019-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Countries have adopted civil service examination enroll mechanism since 2003,the civil service industry development has experienced two stages,from 2003 to 2013,10 years,the examinee number increased from the original 87000 people to 1.13 million people today.The heating up of the civil service exam has given rise to a new industry-civil service exam training.Due to the civil service exam is difficult,although many examinee enter oneself for an examination a cavity enthusiasm,but about how to prepare for the civil service exam is confused about,therefore,to seek training institutions to pre-test training to become a lot of examinee's choice.In 2015,the market size of the public examination training industry was increased from 660 to 163.5 billion yuan,and the public and Chinese charts of the offline traditional training institutions now have more than half of the market share.But the two giants in three or four line city education resources layout and the teachers quality assurance strength small,students are difficult to enjoy the balanced education resources,have sprung up in recent years with chalk and exam online education platform is given priority to with live class,more online live broadcast is not subject to regional restriction,but also because of the remote teaching,online public exam education to the examinee to distance,in the course of selection interview time easily overlooked by candidates selective.In addition to the public to take an examination of the training,the reference appendix study lounges,bookstores,examinee communication group,adult continuing education institutions can also to provide supporting services to the examinee the reference appendix,why in numerous services stand out and keep the advantage,make more students choose their own? This is a problem for every training institution.Although the public to take an examination of the market demand is huge,but for start-up organization,only rely on own strength is difficult to develop within the increasingly mature market,start-up and test education service agencies set up the value chain strategy alliance,win-win cooperation in the competition to become an alternative.How should the strategic alliance maintain its stable development in a volatile market environment? In this paper,the macro environment and micro environment of education alliance are comprehensively analyzed by using PEST analysis method and porter's five-force model.Through to the public to take an examination of education based on "Internet +" coalition building and main problems were analyzed,and the significance of building alliance operation mechanism,construction of safeguard mechanism of the alliance,the development alliance to put forward constructive Suggestions.Hope this paper on entrepreneurial public education related institutions to have practical value,both online and offline agencies,both public examination training and supporting services,even for all public exam education related start-ups play a reference role.
Keywords/Search Tags:civil service examination, Entrepreneurship, Value chain, Strategic alliance
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