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A Study On The Construction Of Pre-service Teachers’ Learning Communities Through The Full-time Teaching Practice

Posted on:2013-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374974770Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Full-time teaching practice is widely carried out an practice mode in many colleges anduniversities, this practice mode last two months or longer, so that interns complete theinternship school engaged in teaching,to give interns the real work environment and teachingenvironment, on the one hand, the intern will combine theory with practice, the other hand,can the replacement of the backbone of the rural teachers to the Normal School to conduct thetraining, improve the rural grass-roots level of education. The full-time teaching practicemodel is seen as one of the colleges, interns, local educational win-win-win internship model."Education to develop, the teacher first." the New Curriculum Reform requires to buildteachers’ professional learning community model ", to promote co-operative professionaldevelopment of teachers, and the culture of cooperation of the teachers group has put forwardclear requirements, work to change the group,to change the lonely situation of the teachers."Relying on the power of teachers and teachers’ groups can effectively promote the formationof the culture of individual teachers ’professional development and teachers’ groups, theLearning Community is the best carrier.In learning Community, teachers learn from eachother through cooperation and common development, in line with the requirements of the newcurriculum, research and exploration of this model for the reform of the entire TeachingPractice Internship mode, and even the whole education reform, has a very important role.The author learn the concept of the community and teaching practice internship combinein this article will mainly literature research, interview study method, observation researchmethod, case studies and other methods to investigate and research the present situation of thecurrent domestic teaching practice internship and problems, and build a learning communityin the intern to observe the activities of the research interns in the learning Community,analysis of specific teaching cases explore the pros and cons of such a combination in practice,and hope that through this research and exploration for the further full-time teaching practicereform to provide advice.In view of the above, the author study the construction of the learning community forteaching practice internship from six parts.The first part is the introduction, the author in this section mainly discusses why full-time teaching practice constructivist learning community,what kind of chemical reaction occurs, What are the significance for theoretical and practicaland determine the approach to the study by the institute, the object of study.The second part isa literature review section, this part described practice, teaching practice learning communityand other related concepts and made a brief introduction to the full-time teaching practicemodel of university in the research and reform. The third part is the research objective,thispart researched the status of teaching practice, including domestic colleges and universities’teaching current situation and interns teaching practice to carry out the status of the interns’present situation by way of the questionnaire, through the analysis of the questionnaire results,and identify problems.The fourth part is the main sections of this paper, Hainan NormalUniversity08Teaching Practice Internship students practice research as a research object,construct a learning community during the Teaching Practice internship, analyze itstheoretical basis, the composition, tasks, operational, management and more specific details,to complete the presentation of learning Community teaching Practice Internship how thecombination of which in the process, What are the implications for us.The fifth part is aboutthe learning community specifically what kind of work, continuous observation of therelevant teaching learning activities, learning community teaching and learning aspects of theobservation, analysis, summarize the pros and cons of identifying the part of the need toimprove. Part VI is the summary of this study, and the outlook based on the conclusion of thestudy on the future of the Teaching Practice interns Learning Community.In this study, the author combed the domestic research literature on the practice of theTeaching Practice and take in-depth interviews with teaching practice internship of domesticcolleges and universities, Hainan Normal University participated in the Teaching PracticeInternship students conducted a questionnaire survey studies have shown that:(1) domesticHebei Normal University, Xinzhou Teachers University, Southwest University, TianshuiNormal University and other colleges and universities are active in exploration and innovation,take a lot of real initiatives, and try to give the intern more guidance to promote studentspractice better;(2) interns have many problems in teaching practice, the most prominent is theteaching knowledge and skills mastery and application issues, as well as teaching guidance,the lack of effective guidance intern in the internship process, it is difficult for teaching practice internship to achieve the desired goal;(3)The author in the study build the teachingpractice intern learning community and take their observational study, the studyfound:Learning Community do help the intern to quickly integrate into the practice school,the theory is applied the actual.;Learning Community through daily activities help the internexchange to share experiences, knowledge, guidance, and common learning progress;Learning Community help the intern to obtain practical knowledge, teaching ability, andenhance personal qualities. The author also summarizes the problems and experiences in thisnew model exposed in practice, and believe we can provide some help for the follow-upstudy.
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