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The Assessment Of Satisfaction About Elements Influencing Faculty Growth In Gansu Province Based On Structure Equation Modeling

Posted on:2013-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330392451098Subject:Higher Education
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Nowadays, Our country has successfully realizes the higher education popularity,The popularization of higher education make more and more Seeking ScholarsRealized their university dream, and the higher education quality problem also getmore and more social concern. How to more effectively educat high quality student isour most urgent needs to solve the problem. As we all know, except the governmentbehavior and unversity behaviov, faculty’ behavior is the most important factor whicheffect the qualiry of higher education. So, professional developments of facultydirectly determine the university talent quality. So, by means of improving theprofessional development of faculty to improve education quality satisfaction is themost effective and most direct way. After collect many home and abroad scholars’viewpoint, we can see that professional roles satisfaction, professional knowledgesatisfaction, professional ability satisfaction, professional spirit satisfaction,professional development satisfaction and professional organizations satisfaction arethe major factor who affect the professional development of faculty’ satisfaction.From professional role satisfaction, we can see it contains professional identity andprofessional status satisfaction, and direct show if the faculty would recognise the roleof teaching, scientific research, social services and the cultural inheritance. Also, itcan make we know if the faculty satisfied their salary, welfare and social status. Fromprofessional knowledge and professional ability satisfaction, we can see whetherfaculty has a positive impact on student’ study and ability. If satisfaction, good forstudents, if not, bad for students. From professional spirit satisfaction, we can seewhether a teacher loyal his professional, his post and the students, and it can reflectwhether he satisfied the environment of his Professional growth. From professionaldevelopment satisfaction, on the one hand, we can see the unversity’ effort degree onfaculty’ professional growth, on the other hand, we can measure a university teacher’psychological intention on professional development. Professional organizationsatisfaction is a means to judge the professional development platform which isprovided by unversity for their teachers. If the school provides any organization to protection and promote the faculty’ professional development, and created a goodsystem environment for faculty’ professional growth, faculty’ professional growthsatisfaction natural will be highe.In short, to investigation and analysis on faculty’ professional growth satisfactionof GanSuprovince’, firstly, it can make sure the unversity teachers’ professional rolesand professional status. Secondly, it can make the faculty’ learn new professionalknowledge and professional ability. Finally, it has the advance of inprove the GanSuprovince faculty’ professional organization generation, consolidate and improve theirprofessional spirit, increase their professional development opportunities.
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