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The Research On Improving Community Organization’s Public Service Capacity From Social Work Service

Posted on:2013-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330392457119Subject:Social work
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Along with the further promotion of the urbanization process, Community belonging construction become an important content of community construction. And as the life of people get much better, more and more person want to participate community affairs. Thus the community managers choose community organization as the platform for resident to participate in community life. Then people will get much stronger sense of community, but also to indicate a new type of community public service model.This paper based on the theory of community development, taking the YongHe street in GuangZhong as a case,through the community work method to analyzes the social worker’s role in improving community developmente. Community organization is a importante platform for resident participate in comunity life. At present the grassroots community organization development face on one hand, environmental and policy restriction, on the other hand, lack of management standardization, which makes it dficult to establishthe legalization status in community. Social workers involved in community of organization, on the one hand, they guide community organization improve management, on the other hand,they build the bridge between the community organization and community resources, then enhance the support net of community organization.During this period, community organization gradually realized by the recipient of the community public service to the community public service provider,and the public service into a new force, but also to better meet the needs of the community residents.To improve the organization’s public service ability,we should try from their own ability,policy,environment and so on. In this paper we think we can do as:(1) building community public resources of dynamic management system,(2)promoting the professional development community organization management,(3)mining community resources local advantages,(4)establishing the organization that fit the resident’s demand.
Keywords/Search Tags:social work, community organization, community public service
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