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Study On The Postgraduate Training Program Of Full-Time Masters Professional Degree

Posted on:2013-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The development of country depends on the talent and the cultivation of talentdepends on education. A country’s level of education is directly related to thedevelopment of its technology "The perspective of education" this sentence is alsothe full description, education levels in the pattern which occupies a pivotal positionin the world of today, in a sense, the development of productive forces depend on thecultivation of talents. So, there are good educational perspective have prosperity.Since reform and open policy, our country’s economical rapid development,international strategic status unceasing enhancement, the reason that has suchachievement, the most important reason is talented person’s raise As technologycontinues to progress, the demand for talent is also in constant shift in the academicqualifications required of community college students are getting higher and higher,this can be seen from the employment situation of graduates. Nowadays, the highschool record graduate, has certain superiority in the employment competition, butregarding the high school record, the high quality talented person’s education mainlyis completes in the graduate student stage. The resulting in October1,1951promulgated by the State Councillors on the reform of the academic structure of thedecision, and this is after the founding of the PRC promulgated the first academic,academic requirements, the university and college captive research department, lastsfor more than two years and recruiting university and college graduates or equivalent,with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions to train teachers inhigher education and scientific research personnel. This stipulation each work whicheducated to our country at that time graduate student set the concrete request. In thesame year, enrolled graduate students majoring in physical education for the firsttime in China9, marks a graduate student on sports in China ever since entering theearly stages of education. Thereafter, as from1960to1966graduate of the sportstraining in self-independent exploratory phase, and then from1967to1985hasexperienced a sharp downturn in10sports graduate students to the CulturalRevolution, our country also stagnated phase of education. Since1978, thepost-graduate education in various fields has developed a large number ofhigh-quality personnel, especially in recent years, the number of postgraduates haveincreased considerably. Look at the development of postgraduate education andeconomic development of each of the achievements made in China, Ministry ofnational education and in the early1990of the20th century began the establishmentof master of business administration (MBA) master in first, in2005, by the NationalMinistry of education approved the establishment of a master of sports degree,admission in2009increased the full-time master of sports degree majors. This is thenational Ministry of Education stemming from the action which adopts to ourcountry present stage education national condition thorough analysis, and throughuntil now several group of sports master the specialized degree graduate student’sraise looked to2005, set up sports master the specialized degree to consummate ourcountry to the sports graduate student’s raise scale, the better adaptation our country’s economic development and the social development to the high quality applicationtalented person’s demand, deepened the foundation for our country sports enterprisedevelopment. Because of the obvious degree of professional practice, applicationtype, and so on, to guide the practical work, with hands-on skills, very goodcomplement the academic lack of graduate students in the practical aspects, so as tobetter service to the cause of sports in our country.But our country sports master the specialized degree in2006recruits studentsfor the first time by20experiment site universities, the start is late, in particularfull-time sports master specialized degree graduate student, but also does not havethe graduate to obtain society’s examination on the operating At present, ourcountry’s professional degree graduate master’s degree in sports training is still in theexploratory stage, so this document is meant to be sorted out through my full-timesports Master’s professional degree postgraduate training, to take stock of itsimplementation status, and experience to make feasible suggestions to promote myfull-time sports Master’s professional degree postgraduate education and betterdevelopment provide a theoretical basispost. This research mainly using theliterature material law, the comparison analytic method, the expert interview law, thelogical proof law, the mathematical method of average the specialized degreegraduate student’s raise plan conducts the thorough research to our country partialsports colleges and universities to full-time sports master, and draws followingconclusion according to the analysis:1st, our country the specialized degree graduate student’s raise may use theelastic educational system to full-time sports master in the educational system tocarry on the raise, is advantageous in graduate student own development.2nd, our country full-time sports master the specialized degree graduatestudent’s curriculum in carries on the comparison with the overseas advancedcountries to this specialized curriculum to discover afterwards that, we need toincrease between the discipline in the curriculum overlapping, enables the graduatestudent to learn outside the more this specialty knowledge, the elective courseproportion also waits for further increases.3rd, our country the specialized degree graduate student’s test way may usedouble teacher to full-time sports master to participate in graduate student’s test andto select, and separates the proposition in the preliminary test stage and the academicgraduate student, like this may the talented person who must incur truly buy in.
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