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The Comparative Study On The Old And New Practice Patterns Of The Postgraduates With Full-time Professional Master Degree Of Guangzhou Sport University

Posted on:2018-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330536482524Subject:Sports teaching
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With the continuous development of social economy,the education of postgraduate sports is always broadening its ways of educating more high level and applied talents so as to satisfy the need of the society.The ministry of education has expanded its enrollment of full-time sports master degree postgraduates,which mainly recruit fresh graduates in order to improve the quantity and quality of sports master degree postgraduates since 2009.That year Guangzhou Sport University took in its first full-time sports master degree postgraduates.Compared with master of science degree in education,sports professional master degree has a shorter history;there exist many problems to deal with,and each training step still remains to be developed.As part of full-time sports professional master degree of sports education,professional internship will directly affect their work after postgraduates enter the career.So to improve the professional internship of postgraduates and its quality,the graduate department of Guangzhou Sport University put forward a new mode of professional internship.Besides,in 2015 it also set up the Sports Education Union of South China,made up of more than 30 universities,primary and secondary schools,which is aimed to lay a foundation for cultivating high-level applied talents in South China.By using documentary analysis,questionnaire investigation,interview methods,Contrastive analysis,mathematical statistics research methods and so on,the writer made this research into old and new practice modes of professional internship of full-time sports master degree postgraduates in Guangzhou Sport University.The writer analyzed personal details of postgraduates,practice bases,guidance teachers in practice bases,professional internship time,contents and forms,practice security and internship evaluation to provide the reference for improving the quality of professional internship.At last,this research made the following conclusions:(1)The two modes each have their own advantages and disadvantages in the professional internship of the full-time sports master degree postgraduates in Guangzhou Sport University.The old internship mode is flexible and diverse,but there is always formalism;while the new internship mode is single and concentrated,which is beneficial to the management of the university.However,it also has some shortcomings,for example,practice bases,almost composed of primary and secondary schools,aren't enough and unstable;some practice bases aren't fullyequipped,which can't satisfy the internship need of sports master degree postgraduates.(2)Compared with the old internship mode,in the new internship mode guidance teachers assigned to practice bases are more secure,more strict with postgraduates,more responsible for their guidance and more frequently direct their students.(3)The interns have a higher awareness of the importance of professional practice,the purpose of the training is clear,but the training units and interns before the internship is not sufficient,the new practice mode before the practice of the students do not know enough.(4)The new and old two modes of internship time is insufficient,far less than 1year internship time expressly provided by the ministry of education.Two modes mainly focus on sports teaching practice,and contents are single,but in fact physical education shows a trend of diversification in school.(5)Internship funds are insufficient in the two internship modes,living conditions are poor in the internship units.Most of the internship units don't provide accommodations,a few remote internship units provide only one of them.(6)Internship evaluation in the two practice modes aren't scientific,systematic and comprehensive enough.Staff involved in the internship evaluation is too limited.Assessment methods aren't quantitative.Assessment results are easily affected by staff's subjective evaluation.
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