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On Curriculum Connection Of Preschool Education Specialty In Secondary Vocational School,Higher Vocational College And Application-oriented University

Posted on:2018-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518465143Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Curriculum system is the basis of personnel training,different levels of vocational institutions in the curriculum system between the convergence is to achieve talent “through training” the key.In accordance with the State Council in 2014,“on the development of modern vocational education to speed up the decision” put forward “to improve the diversification of vocational education personnel growth channels” and “in the areas of pre-school education,nursing,health services,community services,improve the implementation of middle-Vocational training through the examination of admission methods ”requirements,speed up the different levels of vocational schools,pre-primary education curriculum system convergence has become an important content of the current vocational education reform.In this paper,based on the systematical summary of the existing research results of the curriculum system convergence,from the perspective of the management of vocational education,follow the “from practice to practice” principle,select the national key positions in Hebei Province The school,the national model college of higher vocational education and the provincial applied undergraduate colleges.From the five aspects of personnel training objectives,curriculum,curriculum implementation,curriculum content,curriculum evaluation,the system investigated the “The Current Situation of the Cohesive System of Pre-school Education.Based on the Dreyfus technology acquisition model and the Taylor curriculum system theory,the knowledge and skill learning(teaching)of the gradual system is set to vertical system,its external association is set to horizontal system,confirm the”high-the-The curriculum system of pre-school education shows five problems: lack of progressiveness,repeatability of curriculum,homogeneity of course implementation,lack of progressive content and uni-directional curriculum evaluation.In the present study,the professional qualification of preschool education talents has not yet been established,the curriculum standards are not unified,the curriculum evaluation lacks social participation,the teachers’ practical ability needs to be improved,the construction of practice and training base is still weak and the insufficient investment in regional education is the “The Main Reasons for the Problems in the Connection of the Curriculum of Preschool Education.This study points out that strengthening the convergence of curriculum system of preschool education in vocational colleges at different levels must follow the three principles of”goal step by step,content modularization convergence and ability-based requirement ",clarify training objectives,curriculum,course content and curriculum evaluation.Curriculum “from the” school “to” society ",the transfer of credits from the “research” to “practice”,the curriculum development from the “block” to,From “one point” to “two lines”,the organization form from “separate” to “co-ordinate” six specific measures.
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