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The Research Of The Development Of The Middle School Students’ Physical Exercise Motivation Internalization

Posted on:2014-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C W DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330398451255Subject:Physical Education and Training
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At present, the physical health of teenagers is worrying. Researchshowed that the regular and positive physical exercise couldeffectively promote students’ physical health. The physical exercisemotivation was internal impetus that could promote students toparticipate in physical exercise. Students once formed the intenseexercise motivation, they would show a positive attitude, hadovercome difficulties of perseverance and obtained good trainingeffect. Therefore, the purpose of this study based onself-determination theory to explore how to improve middle schoolstudents’ understanding of sports, and translated this knowledge intotheir initiative to participate in the exercise of power,so as to achievethe purpose of enhanced physique,and to sets up the lifelong sportsconcept.Experimental method and survey method were used to collectdata. The13to18years of age,634teenagers participated in thefollowing two progressive studies in order to explore theinternalization process of motivation.The method of structural equation modeling was used in study1to test the theory of self-determination exercise model. That was to the test of three basic psychological needs is the motivation toexercise independent and self-directed support the intermediaryvariable. The overall goodness-of-fit indices of the model1weresatisfactory. The results supported that Autonomy need(mediationeffect of0.146, p <.05) and competence need (mediation effect of0.148, p <.05)serve as the significant mediating role.The aim of this study that based on self-determination exercisertheory model whether can effectively explain and predict exercisemotivation and intention of Chinese college students. The method ofstructural equation modeling was used in study2to test theexplanatory power of the Self-determination exercise theory model tothe exercise behavioral intention of the middle school students.The results showed the goodness-of-fit indices of the model2were satisfactory. The34%of variance of exercise autonomousmotivation and46%of the variance of exercise intention wereexplained by the self-determination exercise behaviors theory model.It comes to the conclusions that: The model could explain theexercise autonomous motivation and exercise intention of thestudents in the context of Chinese culture effectively. Autonomy andcompetence serve as the significant mediating role.
Keywords/Search Tags:Middle school students, Physical exercise motivation, Motivation internalization, Self-determination theory, Exercise intention, Exercise support
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