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Research On Promoting The Behavior Of Physical Exercise In Middle Aged People

Posted on:2017-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330485489375Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Research objective:To self-determination theory perspective, inspection and exercise behavior adjustment scale and exercise psychological scale applicability in middle-aged Chinese population, understand the impact factors of middle-aged people exercise motivation level, explore the middle-aged fitness crowd self-determination the relationship between motivation and three basic psychological needs and exercise behavior, to enhance the middle-aged people to participate in physical exercise behavior, stimulate internal motivation, increasing Shanxi Province sports population quantity and quality with a small effort.Research methods:In this study,1024 fitness middle-aged people in Shanxi province were used as subjects,to take the field release questionnaire survey.The contents of the questionnaire included: basic survey questionnaire, exercise behavior regulation 2, exercise psychological need scale,physical activity rating scale, using SPSS and LISREL software on the sample data for statistical analysis and establish structural equation model.Research results:(1) Exercise behavior regulation scale a=0.747,KMO=0.798,Bartlett=981.476,P=0.000,and model fit better; exercise psychological needs of the scale of a=0.929, KMO=0.877,Bartlett=1234.395, P=0.000, and the overall model of the higher degree of fitting.(2)From middle-aged self determined differences in motivation analysis point of view, gender,education, occupation, sports and the motivation level exist significant difference; In addition to the living conditions and adjustment of the internal regulation does not exist differences,and the remaining levels of motivation are different; movement time and without motivation there is no difference in, and the remaining four motivation level there are differences; the monthly income level is only different from the adjustment of the internal regulation, and the fitness period is only different from the internal motivation.(3)mental exercise of fitness in middle-aged adults in need of self determined motivation of path coefficients vary, in no motivation, external regulation,adjustment of the internal regulation, relationship requires > ability need > need for autonomy, on the level of identification adjustment, autonomy need > relationship requires > capacity needs, at the level of intrinsic motivation, autonomy > ability need > relationships need.(4) Identified regulation and intrinsic motivation of middle-aged people exercise intensity,time, frequency and amount of exercise has positive prediction;The external adjustment only has a negative predictive effect on the exercise intensity of middle-aged people, and has no predictive effect on the exercise time, frequency and amount of exercise.; external regulation only for middle-aged people exercise intensity has a negative role to forecast, to the middle-aged person exercise time, frequency and amount of exercise did not predict; no motivation has negative prediction function of middle-aged people exercise frequency, of exercise intensity, time and amount of exercise did not predict.(5) Basic psychological need to directly predict on exercise behavior, its direct impact coefficient of 0.54, basic psychological needs through self determined motivation level indirectly effects on physical exercise behavior, but the indirect impact coefficient is 0.41 x0.51.Research conclusion:(1) The exercise behavior adjustment scale and the exercise psychological need scale have good construct validity and the internal consistency, which is suitable for the middle-aged people in our country.(2) From self determined motivation level of influence factor of view, gender, occupation,education, sports affects middle-aged adults in the whole process of physical exercise; living situation and the movement time affects middle-aged people to participate in physical exercise of the four level of motivation;monthly income levels and fitness time affect the level of motivation for middle-aged people to participate in physical exercise.(3) In sports, enhance motivation and external motivation level of middle-aged people, to need as the guidance, enhance the internal motivation of the middle-aged people, to the need for autonomous meet oriented. That is to say middle-aged fitness people for self-determination sense, followed by a sense of competence and a sense of belonging, which can effectively improve exercise motivation level, to the level of motivation internalization;(4) The level of self determined motivation of middle age has a predictive effect on exercise intensity, time, frequency and exercise capacity.(5) Self determined motivation is the mediating variable of three basic psychological needs and physical exercise behavior.
Keywords/Search Tags:Self determination theory, wrinkly, Self determined motivation, Three basic psychological needs, Exercise behavior
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