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Taking The Lead In Actualizing The Preschool Compulsory Education Policy In Western Minority Areas

Posted on:2014-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330398474739Subject:Administrative Management
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China as a multi-national country has a large amount of minorities who stay in west region. Due to the restrictions of economic development, national culture, natural environment and geographical position, the educational development of this area has a big difference from the mid-east developed coastal cities and provinces. Pre-school education, the foundation of primary education develops at its starting step but very slowly on the basics of Nine-year compulsory education in that area. Many problems of preschool education will lead to the lags of social economy development in west areas. This is the special situation of preschool education in China’s minority area.Based on this background, through researched and summarized relevant theories in the second section, proposed the hypothesis that it should give impetus to the popularization of compulsory education and enhance the quality of compulsory education that implementing effective preschool education in the western minority areas. Then, through surveyed the present situation and studied on the problems of the preschool education development that a Yi township in west minority regions in the third chapter, to analysis the reasons of the preschool education in Yi autonomous county developed lagging and the compulsory education in it developed slowly. It can counterevidence the hypothesis. Finally, combining with the related theory in the second chapter to test and verify the hypothesis in the fourth chapter. Expounding and proofing the investigate result and conclusion of taking the lead in actualizing the preschool compulsory education in west minority regions further. In order to promote the proceeding of carrying out the pre-school education policies with sufficient proof and build a bridge between the pre-school compulsory education and poor areas of the western region which helps realize the great-leap-forward development of compulsory education.Through this research, the writer hopes to find educational policies which are concrete, targeted, and regional according to the special national conditions and principle of real situation. Taking the lead in actualizing the preschool education policy in western minority areas can content the eager requirement of school-aged children. It also helps them to have an equal and fair opportunity to learn and make contributions to the social economy development of west areas. Moreover. it can narrow the poor and rich gap between the west and mid-east areas as well as building a harmonious socialist society.
Keywords/Search Tags:West minority area, Pre-school education, Difference fairness
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