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The Research Of SJ Bank’s Trans-Region Development Strategy

Posted on:2013-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Finance is the core of the modern economic and bank is the subject of the financial industry. After more than10-year’s development, the city Commercial bank of China already gradually developed maturely. However, as the market environment that the city commercial bank faces becomes more and more complicated and the competition between the same businesses gets more and more fierce, how the city commercial bank can seize the favorable opportunity for trans-region management and realize leaping development becomes a great project facing it.In the form of special research, the present paper studied on the SJ bank, one of city banks which just realize trans-region management. In this paper, this paper mainly employs the research methods of case study, literature review, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis among others. Firstly, this paper has studied the literature review, summarized the research results of native and foreign scholars about the city commercial banks. Scholars generally believed that the bank should break geographical restrictions in order to achieve cross-regional development. At the same time, scholars have also pointed out that the bank should have accurate market positioning to avoid blind expansion. For small and medium banks, scholars have pointed out that much attention should be paid to SMEs, communities and individual customers to provide financial services so as to avoid directly exhaustive competition with big banks. Secondly, we introduced the management issues of SJ bank, and analyzed the significance of cross-regional development, and then pointed out the barriers of cross-regional development as the basis for the follow-up research. Then, this paper analyzed SJ bank’s external environment about cross-regional development. Analysis mainly deals with the external macro environment and industry environment. Through the above analysis we can see that the economic environment of China is much better and can benefit the development of China’s banking sector. Meanwhile, the banking industry is also facing increased competition from this industry and foreign banks as well as uncertainties such as disintermediation, so SJ banks need to remain vigilant. Subsequently, this paper used SWOT model to elaborate the strategic choice of cross-regional development of SJ bank in detail, then summed up the overall strategic objectives of SJ bank regional development. In other words, the bank should take an active offensive strategy for regional expansion and have a major impact in the country banks after5-8years of growth.Finally, this paper made reasonable suggestions on cross-regional development for SJ bank. In the expansion process, SJ bank should stick to their business strategy, actively seeking all levels of government and regulatory support. To seize the favorable opportunity of cross-regional development in a planned, step by step to promote cross-regional development. Before cross-regional development, SJ bank should make strategic changes in banking business positively, including:distributed customer marketing turn into cluster customer marketing; transform competition from traditional business product to the innovative business product; transform the assessment form deposit-scale to return on assets; transform the marketing strategy from traditional relationship style to the brand services style; transform the personal relationship marketing to the team focused marketing. The specific measures of cross regional development including:firstly, Sound internal control mechanisms; secondly, after trans-regional operation SJ bank should stick to the suitable market orientation; thirdly, after trans-regional operation SJ bank should stick to the differential operation; fourthly, after trans-regional operation SJ bank should bowing before the storm.
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